Le Perfect Tag + Stoya = ♥

In today’s porn, there’s Stoya and then the rest. I dare say that it goes the same for porn actresses’ blogs. We already know about the cliché of the intellectual porn star. In France, in the early 2000’s, we had Ovidie: same pearly complexion, same orientation, but with a French middle-class side arousing our low instincts of repressed rednecks instead of transporting us to higher spheres.

Ten years after, we’ve successfully moved from France to the new world. Stoya, her sublime majesty, unpretentiously presents her arty wandering to her fans (you, me, everybody here) thanks to her blog. She reveals herself but does not break the limit which separates the eternal icon from the approachable girl-next-door. She will still remain as the untouchable Stoya, with whom we are all in love. She led Gonzo’s sick mind  to instigate his thousand years plan and create Le Perfect Tag, on a moonless night. He was innocent and pure but he discovered the magic of Atomic Tease.

Even though we are eagerly waiting for the evolution of other blogs (Kristina Rose’s one for instance), I invite you to sail on those troubled waters, to appreciate and cherish each offering that the Beauty deigns to submit to us, poor mortals, kneeling before her.

The true Black Swan

Originally translated from this post.

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