Gifs Of The Week #19

I took my time to sort through the Internet gifs during the whole week. I rushed to the nearest cinema to watch The Canyons, featuring a slightly frozen Lindsay Lohan and a rather hyper James Deen. I’m still of two minds about seeing Her, but the cutie-face of mustached Joaquin Phoenix may well swing the balance on the “going” side.

In the very-very-short film section, this week, I got my hands on a unicorn (yes I did!), a graciously squirting gal, and another one who felt like trying a two-in-one.


Aiden Aspen, towhead on the cute side, decided to be productive and combine good old doggy-style and blowjob. An excellent way to play for time and make sure no one is jealous. The only inconvenience of this practice is it requires you to keep a clockwork pace until (double) ejaculation – a challenge not as simple as it seems.


Looks like the three demoiselles don’t give a toss about the guy probably having a ball behind their backs. But I find him a little flabby for someone facing three lovely tushes like that. Or maybe he is unable to chose, which is understandable. This said, I remark the notable absence of a redhead. And I do judge. Very much.


This is the work of tumblr author Geneva Face, who should post a hot unicorn video as soon as she reaches a certain amount of followers. Give the girl a hand so we can all indulge in that beautiful sight. Personally, this is everything I was waiting for, and to have you really convinced, you can still drool over her kitty-patterned leggings here.


That goes to show you don’t need to lay it on thick to admire a squirt: two fingers and a pretty flowery duvet cover will do. Not a single drop spilled on the side, a stylish spurt: this young lady sure masters the exercise to perfection.


I don’t know whether this takes place in the very special section of some hardware store, in a garage where the guy is fixing his shelves on weekends, or just in a 90’s teenager room. The fact remains that, to my mind, banging on a ladder is utterly unwarrantable, just like wearing ballerina pumps, for that matter.

Cover pic : Uwe Ommer

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