Stephane Kot: Chrysalis

With Chrysalis, Stephane Kot created a remarkable video. Using the vacuum packing as a metaphoric cocoon, we can admire the actress Leslies Carles emerging from it like a butterfly struggling to born from its stasis. The vacuum packing is a practice mixing asphyxiation and latex fetishes. It consists in confining a person in a plastic/latex bag and sucking the air out of it. I can leave you imagine the intense anaerobic and claustrophobic sensation that emerges if you get stuck in such a situation. For this video, it results an intriguing, sexy, creepy but damn interesting cinematic object

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Stephan work is sharp. He’s presenting us a high finished product with a great photography, some fantastic framing and some cool visual effects. We only wish to see more videos like this over the Internet galactic garbage.

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