Gifs Of The Week #10

This is a post written slightly early. When you will read those lines, I will probably be digesting the Sunday couscous, given the family reunion / winter holidays situation.

This way I will be able to recover from the vivid emotions that have been shaking my poor little heart on the Internet. This week I decided to beg and choose, and left the dashboard gifs aside to navigate through the tags, just to bump into the codes. Horror and misfortune! The #latex tag really isn’t the last Internet nook where prettiness can be found. To compensate, I looked deeper into the #pantyhose, but it was even worse. So I ran for my life before I was tempted to type #lurex in the search field – my latest whim.

You will therefore have to content yourself with buttocks, an ugly set of bed linen, a cleanliness-maniac dominant, and a little exercise.


For Christmas, you should consider the high potential of foam, lighter and warmer than an armful of snow flakes, it also provides the advantage to keep you clean. To save water, you and your BFF could also take this opportunity to indulge in a little ass-to-ass cleaning session, AND furbish that ride of yours.


Obviously, this young lady’s boobs are real. Unfortunately, the sheets are too. It is only natural to close your eyes when surrounded with such a density of leopard print.


Lying half-attached and heels in the air isn’t always a good idea; you never know when a cramp is going to hit. Good thing her fella covered all the bases to make sure she feels comfortable: cushions and towels, so the bed linen won’t get ruined.


Imagine you quietly stroll along the banks of a Scottish lake; weather is cold, but it’s nice… Then all of a sudden, an enormous and spherical creature looms out of the dark waters: the Loch Ass Monster. Ta-daa! I guess this was my last 2013 joke.


Eating fresh fruit and vegetables isn’t all that matters; you also need to think about practicing some kind of physical activity on a regular basis. Why not exercise your dick with a little ping-pong game? If you secure a pass, your partner will throw the ball back with her tits.

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