Robin: Auditioning Love

Annoyers pass your way! This Fap Parfait includes several terms that could scare off the most sensitive souls among you: urchin cut, dreadlocks, pubic hair. As for the others, do stay, for what follows could well be one of the biggest successes of the genie hiding behind Net Video Girls.

Robin dread

Robin is all about love, honesty, and the swing from porn to reality. This video is on the brink of perfection, enough to make the fappers go nuts:

“My God after seeing this again – what a gem, a total classic. I’m still trying to top this masterpiece. Awesome girl in a legendary audition.” – Nvg1

“There’s something about short haired girls that just makes me want to start humping the computer screen…” – Warpedoutside

Comments on xTubes are always of more interest than the ones you find on the “classic” tubes: very few trolls, good English, info, sharing. You can for instance learn that Robin’s real name is Terri Vandoll. You already know, but the whole stake is to pretend that you don’t, and that the auditioned girl is getting scammed. Writing her real name down does smash the myth a little, but we don’t give a toss since now we’re going to be able and fap along on other videos featuring fake-Robin.

A little stroll down the tubes takes us to other videos displaying Terri and her capillary issues. Natural on Net Video Girls, a crummy-red dye coming straight out of some bankrupt hair salon, then a blonde-white-dunno-really that would incite the above-mentioned hairdresser to commit suicide. We will always prefer Terri as Robin, but let’s resume digging. For several years now, forums have been setting off in search of her, and the latest news (not so fresh anymore, but hey, it’s a hint) located her on Hippie Goddess under the name of Ingress as well as on Hippiecutties, where she swapped her slightly butch shock of hair for a… SMUTTY HIPPIE mane! That’s sad, but that’s life.


So that’s it then. You start off your artistic career with one of the best auditions to date on Net Video Girls, and you end up with nasty dreads on a dubious website. Better close our eyes on this human tragedy and get back to where we were. Robin: her marvelous smile, her natural arousal, her small breasts, her flickering eyes, the tomboy side of hers that will surely stir up many of you. Robin, the slightly dirty girlfriend that pops into your life, offers you Heaven, and goes away to never return. The girl you’re ashamed to admit was the best fuck of your life, and you’ll spend the rest of the time ignoring. Post-orgasmic drama. The terrible pain that disarms us all.

But hey, whining time is over! Robin is waiting for us. Turn your lights down low, and feel irie.

Video courtesy of Pornhub:


Robin Calendar Audition brought to you by PornHub

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  • Robin-Ingress IS NOT Terry Vandoll.

    • Haaha. My name DEFINITELY isn’t Terri.
      Silly boys.

      • Well, regardless of who you really are, Robin/Ingress, you’ve acquired a legion of fans. Not sure if you followed the links but, yeah – there lots of guys out there still searching for more of you, years after your video shoots. Hope you’re doing well.

  • I’ve seen the Terri Vandoll videos, and doubt that she and Robin/Ingress are the same woman. Terri’s boobs are way smaller, she’s got visible tattoos, and her teeth/smile are different.

  • I have been a huge fan of Robin/Ingress for several years and have probably collected every photo of her that exists on the Internet, and have studied her photos intensively. I have also viewed numerous photo shots of Terri Vandoll. I can say without any doubt whatsoever these are two distinct individuals.

    One can determine this by a careful study of their moles. For example, Robin/Ingress has from a full frontal view… seven distinct moles located in a pattern on her upper left arm and torso… two moles one above the other on her upper arm to the right of her left armpit… two moles one above the other directly across from these first two on her torso just to the left of her left armpit… one mole located several inches directly below her left breast… one mole located just under and a bit to the left of center of her left breast… and one mole located in the center of her chest just over her breast line. Here is a photo shoot of her where all seven moles can be seen over several photos.

    Finally, as confirmation, Robin/Ingress has one mole on her left butt cheek located just to the left of the opening to her vagina. This mole can only be seen when she is on her hands and knees and her butt cheeks are spread and held open. This photo is rarely seen of her. I know of only two that exist. Here is a link to a photo shoot that contains the photo of her where this mole can be seen.

    By contrast Terri Vandol’s body is relatively mole free… and she has a tattoo located on the outer part of her left shoulder and upper left arm. Robin/Terri has no tattoos whatsoever in any photo of her I have ever seen.

    In the earlier photos of Robin/Ingress, the only body piercings she has are thru her earlobes. In later photos she also may have a piercing thru her left nostril. These piercing can be seen in this series of photos of her.

    If you take the time to find Robin/Ingress’s photos, you will be richly rewarded with a portfolio of some to the most erotic and pornographic photos of a tomboy type body shape with full magnificant breasts. This very early hardcore video of her is an absolute classic.


  • MisterT,
    I’m sure you’ve already seen her one full length lesbian vid. Know of any others out there?

  • Nope, definitely not Terri. I know « Robin » personally, was pretty surprised when I stumbled on her videos… Anyway, actually knowing her, there’s NO mistaking the two. Not even kind of.

  • I personally know « Robin » myself. Her real name is not Ingress but the pictures and vids of Ingress are indeed Robin.
    Besides the Toni Freeland vid and the stuff already mentioned I belive this might well be the only other video of her on the net, for now. I’m pretty sure there’s more out there waiting to be uploaded.

  • Thanks for posting that vid – is there an unedited version of it available somewhere?

  • What about Terri Vandoll? Where can she be found?

  • She has to know this vid went ballistic I wonder if it affects Her situation now, there seems to be a lot of people in lust or love with ROBIN, Maybe she’ll phone home and give us all another treat plus 10 Years.

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