Faye Reagan Is Back

You may know I’ve got a thing for ginger girls and the disappearance of my top ranked redhead was a true heart wound. She was last seen in a random Japanese Porn movie and I’ve had no real news since then. After drug problems and STD rumors issued on 4Chan, the restless ginger vanished like the red sun dying in the dusk…We missed her porcelain skin, her cute freckles and her glorious/appetizing puffy nipples.


We were so desperate that we even sought some kind of substitue for her and we put a bet on Elle Alexandra. What a surprise when Faye popped back up on our Vimeo alerts ! She is back in a short promotional erotic video with the charming Jennifer Dark. All hail to StripLV!

Impatient like a kid in front of his X-mas gifts, I launch this video and something weird happens. You want to stop it. Not because I feel overwhelmed by my emotions and the tears make me blind, just because this video is something I’d rather not watch.

[youtuber vimeo=’http://vimeo.com/81270665′]

Cheesy folk music, overexposed B&W photography, blurring, glow and a lost sense of Andrew Blake’s aesthetic… It is nauseous and even all the sexy key-actions (like the quick bum lick or the stolen kiss), won’t stir up your interest. But cheer up! Faye is on screen and it looks like the photos published in the StripLV magazine look way much better than the video.

Anyway, we hope this is the first sign of a real comeback for Miss Reagan. At Le Tag’s editorial board, we sur wish she will appear in an Erotica X flick (dreams can’t hurt, right? It’s Xmas time, after all).

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  • Faye always appeared kind of naive, O.K. make that beautiful but dumb as a rock.(Watch her interviews on youtube) On the other hand I thought it courageous that she held back on the anal. While her « acting » skills were questionable at best , and those puffy nipples are long since gone, her disappearance fuels the stories of drug abuse and a probable STD. MY hope is that she’s smartened up some. She apparently dumped that loser Dane Cross for good. However , It’s just as likely she’ll go back to the one thing that brought her limited , twisted fame and a few dollars. It’s close to impossible to work in the porn industry and not get totally absorbed by the impression of « stardom. » I really hope she can break away and start over and be satisfied doing something , anything , that is far from the porn meat-grinder. Otherwise , the odds show she’s on the short road to oblivion. Only she controls what happens next.

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