Gone Wild: Gone_a_bit_wild

Can you introduce yourself ? 
I am 23 years old. I studied Computer Science in university and I am currently working as a programmer for over a year now.

How did you find out about Gone Wild ? How did you start posting ?
I was introduced to reddit by my boyfriend and I have noticed that he visits the r/gonewild subreddit often. At first I simply checked out some pictures and after a while he suggested that I post a picture to see what people think. The response was great and it felt very naughty and exhilarating to know that stranges are attracted to my body having never met me before. This was a fun experience and after some time we tried again, it turned us both on to read peoples responses and comments and it kind of spiced up our sex life :)

Fishnet Stalking

Why do you post ? Is it only because you like exhibition or is there something more ? 
Originally it was out of curiosity, but after a few posts it turned me on and it turned my boyfriend on to take pictures of me. After doing a requests thread (where people requests what to take the picture of) some people started remembering my username and requesting I post more often. This became a regular thing after that. I would certainly say it is an exhibitionist thing, but the best part is that I can do it in the privacy of my home with no one catching me naked ! Some of the received comments and messages have certainly fueled fantasies and helped develop new ones. Some people watch porn to get turned on, but I find this is a great way too !

Do you post with your boyfriend ?
I have posted with my boyfriend yes, but it is simply harder as there is no one to take the picture ! Some posters get dedicated photographers for the couple posts and a bit of fun.

Hi there o/

Do you watch other posts from other redditors on Gonewild ?
I am a fan of quite a few of the girls and recognize their posts without looking at the username. There a lot of gorgeous girls posting and everyone seems to have their own « thing » or a style which is unique. If asked I can most definitely name quite a few names I follow.

Aren’t you scared about being recognized ?
I was worried about being recognised at first, but some simple measures can make it harder to be recognised. I do not have any unqioe tatoos, I can imagine it is harder to hide ! Simply don’t post with any very personal belongings that you take with you everywhere and don;t do it in a very identifiable part of your house/flat. I have had a few complaint about people being sick of my yellow wall lol but safety comes first and fun is second :) I have many friends that are redditors and I would not want them to recognise me and make it embarrassing/awkward.

Nice shirt

How would you describe your sex life ? Do you think that Gone Wild has en effect on it ? Is it fueled by it ?
I am a very sensual and erotic person, very open minded and would try most things once. My sex life is varied and adventurous and very satisfying. I would not complain :) It is not fueled by gonewild but it definitely adds to it a little bit. It is a diffirent form of expressing your sexuality which I couldn’t note have done otherwise if it wasn’t for gonewild. You could not do that in public unless you are very brave ! But also indicent exposure is illegal in most places. This gives you the opportunity to do something you may have fantasised about, try out that slutty outfit you always wanted to wear or simply dress up as something or someone else but you never had the reason/occasion to. This gives you the freedom to express yourself as a sexual person and to show the world who you are sexually and what you like. People get merit for doing well in their job so why not get merit for being sexy/adventurous/open minded and kinky !


Do you remember your first contact with porn ?
Yes, I have accidentaly found a tape my dad has been hiding in the house ! I was very surprised when it wasn’t Tom&Jerry…

Do you watch porn ? On what media ? Do you have a favorite tag ?
I do watch porn, more on my own but I have watched porn with my boyfriend too. I watch porn online, it is easily accessible with lots to choose from. I am a fan of group sex, girl on girl and sometimes real,passionate couple sex.

Doz lips

What would you change in porn, what do you dislike the most ?
I mostly dislike the aggression and fakeness coming form girls. To me sex is enjoyable, sensual and erotic. I would love to see more girls enjoying themselves in the videos rather than pretending to and making some strange loud noises.

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