May 2012: Chloé


Savigny sur Orge – France

Your first Porn?
Around 6 years old, I was with my best friend at his parents place. There was no parental code on the cable at the time, and we were zapping. We randomly found a porn movie. It was an old school movie with a canopy bed and a girl sitting on a chair Louis XVI having a close up cunnilingus. we found it pretty fun…until we got caught.
A few years later I was with my cousin at my grandparent’s home, TV was forbidden in our room, but we were still watching it. We ran into an erotic movie, and watched it from the beginning to the end. I was 10-11 years old.
Then I got internet, I downloaded some music clips on EMule and I often had wrong “sources”, I watched a bit but it was disgusting because very hardcore. But I was tempted to watch and in fact it pleased me. Unfortunately it was on my dad’s computer I had to delete it. .

Are you still watching?
Almost every day. It quickly bothers me but I still need to do it.

Is it a need?
I don’t know… for example when I work I’ll start thinking at it and as long as I haven’t seen one I can’t focus on my work. It’s like dope.

What are your tags?
I usually go on Kink to watch previews because I don’t pay the membership (Sex & Submission / Device Bondage / Hogtied…, or on the Tubes to watch classical stuff like #anal, #bigtits…

When you go on Kink, is it just for fantasm or you’re doing these things?
It’s more linked to fantasm; my boyfriend isn’t in that kind of sex. It’s on tube that I usually find stuff I like.

What would you change if you could make a porn movie?
First there is way too many blowjobs, too long regarding to the time allowed to cunnilingus. I dislike cumshots too.And at last when girls scream too much, it’s awful I rather turn the sound off.

How did you noticed the Tag Parfait?
First time was for Orelsan’s interview, he posted on his Facebook. I haven’t realized what was the topic of this website.. the second time was via Jessica’s photo she shared on here page Suicide Girls and then I began sneaking on your website.

Why becomming a Playmate?
I admire Jessica so why not!

© Photo par Amandine Besacier

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