December 2011: Jen


Grenoble – France

Your first encounter with sex ?
Like many other people it was my Dads’ comics, Fluide Glacial. I was about 12 years old.

Your first porn?
I was looking for my Rahan (a famous french comic book & anime) video tape and, I don’t know, I have screwed up or something because instead I got a GangBang, a real sandwich. So I invited all my friends to watch it. My father had a great porn collection, and we found his hiding place so we met frequently to watch some. It was our first stirs. It was only later that I first tried the Tubes, when I began having an active sexuality.

Do you remember the website?
It was a Spanish website, I guess. There was a bunch of small videos of 2 or 3 minutes each. Then Youporn arrived.

Do you watch some frequently?
Yes, via Why this one ? I don’t know, maybe because there isn’t the word ‘Porn’ in the name.

Your favorite tags?
It depends, #tattoo (for the boys) and #orgy ( I’m probably still trying subconsciously to find my Rahan video tape). But i’m not that curious, and actually, it often disgusts me pretty quickly. I’m picky, something really has to happen. I need to find my way. I appreciate it best when everything is focused on the man, that’s the kind of stuff I like, much more than the situation or the scenery

Do you have forbidden tags?
When it’s too violent, like #bukkake, or #lesbian because I hate sharing, I’m too jealous for that, i’d rather see a man taking care of a unique women.

Who are the best actors now?
I had a crush on Julián Ríos, because of his tattoos, but I got over it.

How did you discover the Tag Parfait?
A friend sent me the link saying I would love it.

What’s missing in France?
I can’t handle when it’s “OUI ! OUI ! OUI !”. In English it is way better, it’s my evening class!

If you had to change the soundtrack what would you choose?
I prefer without the sound, so I can hear the man having pleasure. As soon as music starts playing, I change video.

And if you could change anything else?
If I could change the finishing; if the girl could come in last and if we can stop focalizing on the man’s orgasm. I also need to see the man in plain, not just his dick. It’s frustrating.

© Photo by Amandine Besacier & Pierre Ollier

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