Interview of Spock Buckton part 3: as himself

Hey Jessie, let’s talk about you right now! This is not a questioning but you know we are curious people! So first of all, our blog is called Le Tag Parfait, which means The Perfect Tag: what would be yours?
I would say hand-job. When I am watching a porn movie I like seeing hand-jobs: no mouth, just a hand-job! I don’t know why but that is my big fantasy lately. I don’t know if someone else is actually into that. I think it started at home with my girlfriend. You know, having sex all the time with the same person can get boring and we have to find new stuff to do: one day you’re bringing some wine and the next one you try something else. I think I just wanted a hand-job. That’s it. No blow-job, no sex just a hand-job. She did that and I say ok, this is my new favorite thing. I’m sure it will change to arm pit fucking or something else… Ok it’s creepy I take that back (laugh).

Well, even if you’re a casual man who love basic hand-job you’re a part time rock star aren’t you? When you’re in LA there are amazing girls surrounding you all the time…
I guess I might look at it that way! But you know, we love dark and intimate bars. We never go to fancy red-carpet places. We love having drinks in place as dark as possible with as few people as possible and where we can take control of the juke-box!

Do people recognize you?
Sometimes. Not to often. The girls get more recognized and the dude always look at me thinking « what those girls are doing with that creep ».

Is it because of your hairs? Because you have a hell of a mustache compared to your thin beard. Do you think your mustache is coming in your dreams and wants to kill your beard?
I let the mustache grows more and I keep the rest of the beard trimmed… So yeah, I think the mustache definitely wants the control of my face. When it gets cold here in the winter I like to grow the beard. Because I don’t drive a car so I either walk or ride a bike so it keeps me warm. I have had dreams about my mustache growing, long, and wrapping around my throat and choking me, so, it definitely speaks to me (laugh).

And you have an Ipod maybe? And what do you put in it, what do you listen?
I’ve been listing a lot to hum… Rush

Do you really listen to that?
I really like it. I liked them when I was a young kid. I was kind of a metal head. For years I didn’t listen to it, but I’ve really gotten back to listening to them. There’s some new Arcade Fire songs, that I like, I listen to a lot of soundtracks: the Stanley Kubrick movies, the Shining one… I love that lately and I think it’s because when I listen to music at the office I have to write a lot, so if there is lyrics, I can’t concentrate, so I prefer more instrumental stuffs. Radiohead is also one of my favorites, I always liked them.

I’ve read that you liked some Slayer songs?
Yeah, Slayer! I haven’t gone running in many weeks but I used to put on my headphones and listen Slayer to take a run

Like on the set?
Yeah, exactly!

What’s your Slayer’s favorite album?
Huh, I guess I would say Reign in Blood. Yeah. South of heaven maybe… Huh… South of heaven… Amazing, Yeah!

Spock Buckton Antoine Doyen Popporn

Dirty Spock Buckton by Antoine Doyen

It’s great. If you could chose would you prefer the check shirt or shirt T-shirt?
I prefer the plaid check shirt all the time! It’s just too odd and I haven’t done my laundry…

Don’t you ask a Chinese guy to wash your clothes?
Nah, I do it all myself… I was out of town last weekend I took all my favorite checker shirts. They’re all sitting in a very stinky pile in a corner of my bedroom right now. I don’t like wearing T-shirts at all. Ha, it’s all I wear and I’ve got so many of them! Yeah, that and these jeans. I wear these jeans every single day, and when they become incredibly smelly. I wear them for weeks until my girlfriend will say, “No more, you stink!” I wash them and the story repeats.

Are you starting an actor career?
I guess a career. I really love doing this. I like getting paid doing this. I need to make a living somehow. I can’t work in an office. I can’t be a regular business man with a boring job. I need to do something, something artistic! When I was younger I was a musician. My brother and I have always made films and we stumbled on porn industry. Working in pornography has never been a goal to me but I am lucky that it happened. Because we write those little dumb stories and people give us money to make them. I would like to do this as long as I can. Absolutely. As long as people keep buying pornography I have plan on make it.

Have you planned to come back in Paris with James Deen and all the team for the Paris fest?
I don’t know. I would love to but I can’t say. Next year maybe? Because we are making movies every month until November and December is the holidays month.

Propos recueillis par Valéry Marin-Barthe – Photos by Antoine Doyen

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