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Katsuni: « Would it be a problem if I still enjoy it at 80? »

Katsuni started her career at the end of the golden age of French porn, she quickly managed to deal with it and successfully went to the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. She now lives between Los Angeles and Paris, at her convenience. Actress, director, blogger, showgirl, TV host… A decade of embodying porn and […]

December 2011 – Jen

Born: 1985 City: Grenoble – France Your first encounter with sex ? Like many other people it was my Dads’ comics, Fluide Glacial. I was about 12 years old. Your first porn? I was looking for my Rahan (a famous french comic book & anime) video tape and, I don’t know, I have screwed up or […]

Sasha, Bella & Dana: Gossip Girlz

It does no harm just this once, today we talk about gossips. Yesterday, our beloved cousins from POPPORN warned the twittosphere about a rather funny catfight-like porn beef. The origin of all evil ? A sarcastic tweet by Belladonna, ex-retired porn star, now back in business and seemingly full of energy. Everybody knows who the target […]

November 2011 – Axel

Born: 1991 City: Nantes – France Your first encounter with sex? I was 6 or 7 and I found one of my parents comic book : Fluide Glacial – Happy Ends, édition Edika N°7.I wouldn’t understand anything, it was weird, and contained a bunch of different sexualities; even today I’m not sure I would understand everything. […]

How to be a modern porn star

The rise of social networks drastically changed the way we see porn stars. Seemingly inaccessible women became our virtual girl friends, through their Tumblr, Twitter, their blogs, they share part of their lives to help us procrastinate better in front of our computer. Some tell stories of people who left their girlfriends in order to […]

October 2011 – Julie

Born: 1990 City: Paris Your first encounter with sex? Quite early, when i was about 6 years old. Pillows & fluffs, as many other girls looking for an experiment, I believe. Your first porno? I was 13, it was around midnight and my eyes were glued to the screen. It was not a porn but […]

Review: Malice in Lalaland

What do you have in mind when you’re screwing ? Shitty porn music or classic rock’n’roll tunes coming straight from the desert ? As for me it would be option number 2, even though I make frequent Schubert breaks to catch my breath. And what about your ultimate porn ? Would it be a yacht full of pricks, […]

September 2011 – Aude

Born: 1988 City: Paris Your first encounter with porn? Very young I think,I remember that my stuffed animals lived steamy adventures, as my Barbies and Playmobil. More concretely, around thirteen I guess. Your first porn? I remember some magazines a school friend of mine had stolen from her brother when I was in 5th grade. […]

Le Perfect Tag + Stoya = ♥

In today’s porn, there’s Stoya and then the rest. I dare say that it goes the same for porn actresses’ blogs. We already know about the cliché of the intellectual porn star. In France, in the early 2000’s, we had Ovidie: same pearly complexion, same orientation, but with a French middle-class side arousing our low […]

Everybody loves Sasha

The dreadful rumor has now turned into official news : Sasha Grey is done with the porn industry. It didn’t come up as such a shock, as we all knew she had tip-toed around the X-rated area for a while. Still, we couldn’t let her go without paying her our last respects, as she has reached […]

July 2011 – Angélique

Born: 1988 City: Paris Your first encounter with porn? When I was 15, a friend of mine lent me a  music CD that also included a porn movie. At first I was shocked but when i thought about it later, it turned me on. It was a scene featuring Jenna Jameson. Your meetings with porn? […]

June 2011 – Marie

Born: 1991 City: Paris – France Your first encounter with sex? I was about 12, my parents were away, so I checked on the internet out of curiosity. I think I looked for « sex video ». It’s only recently that I really got interested in videos though. Before that I would content myself with trailers and […]

April 2011 – Ophelie

Born: 1986 City: Paris – France Your first encounter with sex? It started at the age of 8. True attraction to girls, shared softness, I won’t get into the details. Maybe it’s due to my uncle’s erotic calendar on the toilet’s door. It was at the same period, around 1994. Then « Basic Instinct » on TV […]

March 2011 – Amy

Born: 1988 City: Bruxelles – Belgium Your first encounter with sex? When I was 11-12 years old, I found my uncle’s Union magazines (French erotic magazine), and before that, I used to read my father’s Fluide Glacial very carefully (French comics magazine, including some erotic content). Your encounter with the Tag Parfait? I typed « James […]

Interview of Spock Buckton part 3: as himself

Hey Jessie, let’s talk about you right now! This is not a questioning but you know we are curious people! So first of all, our blog is called Le Tag Parfait, which means The Perfect Tag: what would be yours? I would say hand-job. When I am watching a porn movie I like seeing hand-jobs: […]

Interview of Spock Buckton part 2: the girls

We think porn industry has changed in the five past years to reach another level: porn isn’t only something made to help daddy or a truck driver to have a dirty hand job but can also be nice movies with naturally beautiful woman and cool dude playing and having sex. It can be something you […]

Interview of Spock Buckton part 1: Popporn

Can you tell us what is Popporn? What’s the story? We started Popporn in 2008. I think it was April and it started as a section of our day job which is called TLAraw : a retail website where we sell DVDs and sex toys. We were getting fed up with some of the porn websites […]