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Lisa Sparks: « The tube sites have now killed porn »

Lisa Sparks (aka Lisa Sparxxx) is part of this generation of porn actresses that haunted our first 100GB hard drives. Her pulpy silhouette was already a welcome exception among the filiform Taylor Rain, Aurora Snow or Gauge. Lisa has now changed category, inexorably approaching curvy spheres far beyond the scope of my personal tastes in […]

Cakes Da Killa: « Gay rappers don’t exist »

Who’s Cakes Da Killa? Cakes Da Killa is everything I am and never what I might be. That’s basically me in a nutshell. In most of your songs, you talk about your sex experience; the press has qualified you as a nymphomaniac. Do you find that sex is an endless source of inspiration?  Sex can […]

Penny Pax: « I am first and foremost a fan of porn! »

I’ve discovered Penny Pax during my interview with Jessie Volt. The French blondie praised the merits of Penny, a newcommer, a regular visitor of the most extreme Kink workshops. What a surprise! And a great one! Behind her jeering smile and thick glasses, I found a deeply hardcore young actress. Playing upon the paradox of her model […]

Aurora Snow: « Reality sells now! »

Aurora Snow, prototype of  the next generation of pornstars. She paved the way for girls like Sasha Grey and more recently Jessie Andrews, girls with small tits, lean bodies, cuter than your average girl next door and way beyond the fake boobs / blonde hair bimbo cliché, and yet providing the most extreme performances according to common porn standards. […]

eFukt – Top Ten of Horror

[WARNING] You still have time to escape and spare yourself the worst nausea one could expect. If you’re brave enough, just CLICK on the pictures below to access the different levels of Hell and to crush the very last hope you had in humanity #10 : Goober finally loses bukkake virginity  To begin with, I’d like […]

Gone Wild – Nina1987

Our new Gonewilder is called Nina. She loves feet so much she wants to work amongst them. She likes to dress up as White-Snow (or Sailor Moon) and post pictures on the Internet. Nina may be hot as f*ck, she still manages to think she has a « pretty unusual look ». And one day, she discovered […]

September 2012 – Lola

Born: 1992 City: Paris Do you remember the first picture that turned you on? I don’t have many memories before the age of 15. I don’t know if I did this consciously or not, but it seems like I erased those trouble times from my memory. I first realized something strange was happening to me […]

Manuel Ferrara: True Porn

Manuel Ferrara continues to fly over the porn world with his respect for women and the way he fucks, so intense and personal. Distant meeting, during a Los Angeles morning with the greatest pornstar of our time, our national pride. You have a 15-year career, 10 years in the U.S., you still have the same […]

Gone Wild – Gone_a_bit_wild

Can you introduce yourself ?  I am 23 years old. I studied Computer Science in university and I am currently working as a programmer for over a year now. How did you find out about Gone Wild ? How did you start posting ? I was introduced to reddit by my boyfriend and I have noticed that he […]

Interview with Sandra Torralba

Le Perfect Tag did not offer me a round-trip ticket Paris-Madrid – SCANDAL. Fortunately, the Internet is the new America and millions of small Christopher Columbus 2.0 are working every day for the abolition of borders. This is the conquest of the modern world that allowed me to interview Sandra Torralba, a young Spanish photographer […]

June 2012 – Ombeline

Born: 1990 City: Paris – France Your first encounter with sex ? Secretary, I was about 11-12. Then at 16-17 years old I had my Marilyn Chambers time. I wanted to watch porn but not the dirty one or the bad one. Since it was said on the net that Behind the Green Door was a […]

May 2012 – Chloé

Born: 1990 City: Savigny sur Orge – France Your first Porn? Around 6 years old, I was with my best friend at his parents place. There was no parental code on the cable at the time, and we were zapping. We randomly found a porn movie. It was an old school movie with a canopy […]

Gone Wild – Peekandplay

Back in february, we published an interview of a young french redditor, MiteNite. She accepted to explain to us what drove her to post naked picture of herself on the Internet. MiteNite might be the only successful french girl on Gone Wild, alone amongst thousands of american contributors. This can be explained by Reddit’s huge […]

James Deen, the boy next door

I’ve never dreamt of being an actor, I prefer leaving the attributes muscles and doorknob IQs to the Jersey Shore dudes. Identification is the key, and I have a hard time doing that, watching some jerk with a hairy ass pounding a girl. Kind of makes me want to be the chick instead, which in […]

April 2012 – Sophie

Born: 1990 City: Paris – France Your first encounter with sex? It was at the beginning of middle school I think, we played as friends, only girls, it was quite natural. I realized that my parents were embarrassed when we got caught… The first time an image turned you on? First on the TV screen, […]

March 2012 – Le Tag Parfait (editorial staff)

Le Tag Parfait Left to right: Guilhem (photographer – author) – Stephen (chief editor) – Charles (author NSFW) – Ariane (author) – Guillaume (web developper) – Youssef (author) – Philippe (author) – Joanna (grammar nazi) – Mikko (author)   © Photo by Thomas Chéné

February 2012 – Elise

Born: 1987 City: Paris – France Your first encounter with sex? On the Pink Minitel… I was 8 or 9 when I heard a radio ad saying “3615 ULLA” so I tried. My pseudo was… Lilisex ! But I got caught by my grand-parents. Needless to say the phone bill had slightly increased ! I also listened […]

January 2012 – Adrien & Jessica

Born: Adrien: 1983 / Jessica: 1985 City: Paris – France Do you watch porn together? Not really, we mainly do that alone, even if sometimes we spend the evening watching together some Frissons Extrêmes VOD, especially for the titles or the rupestral covers. Not that we have any problem watching some together, but the occasions […]