« The Vulva Gallery », la victoire des vulves sur Instagram

« Toutes les vulves sont belles« . Cette affirmation jubilatoire en forme de slogan politique traverse The Vulva Gallery, le compte Instagram qui célèbre sans filtre l’intimité. Des esquisses érotiques qui titillent nos sens. Vulva powa’.

The Vulva Gallery welcomes all – people from all kinds of different backgrounds around the world, from all kinds of gender identities. The Vulva Gallery encourages to look further than what we initially learned about our bodies (for example about how our bodies "should" look, but also about menstrual hygiene or grooming our body hair), and to choose what feels best to you and fits best to your body. The Vulva Gallery is educational, positive, and inclusive. . . Also gender inclusivity plays an important part in The Vulva Gallery. There are many individuals with vulvas who don't identify as being a woman. Some of us identify in between, for example with being non-binary, genderqueer, genderfluid, agender, genderfree, genderneutral, bigender, trigender, pangender, or other-gendered. Some of us identify as being a man. And there are many more gender identities. Having a vulva doesn't define your gender identity – just as having a penis doesn't define this. It's up to every human being to feel and define how they identify themselves. If you're not sure, you can always ask people what pronoun fits with their gender identity. Always be respectful, and try avoiding to assume anyones gender. Respect each other, and be kind and open minded – because you never know for sure, unless you ask 🙌🏽 The Vulva Gallery welcomes people from any kind of gender identity, and wants all of you to feel included 💖 . . . #thevulvagallery #respecteachother #inclusivity #supporteachother #genderinclusivity #humananatomy #bodypositivity #bodypositive #selflove #watercolor #watercolorillustration #vulvacat #loveyourself #hildeatalanta

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Des vulves. Plein. Poilues, douces, crues, animales, amusantes, curieuses, rieuses, asymétriques, timides, charismatiques, côté pile, côté face. Des petits bouts naturels d’impudeur haute en couleurs, gribouillées, jamais sur-sexualisés, composant un portfolio d’organes génitaux qui caressent notre oeil – comme une sorte d’herbier érotique, si vous voulez. C’est ce que propose The Vulva Gallery, ode graphique ouvertement body positive aux jardins secrets et à leur diversité. Pour composer ses plus de sept cent croquis, l’illustratrice et peintre Hilde Atalanta s’est basée sur les photographies personnelles que lui envoient les internautes. Si l’artiste esquisse les mille versants des lèvres c’est pour offrir la parole à celles et ceux qui les possèdent.

This is a vulva portrait of a lovely person who wanted to become part of the gallery, together with the words she wanted to share with you: "I’m 39 and the first time that I looked at my vulva with a mirror was 5 years ago with my best friend. We sat on our beds, each with our mirror, looking at our vulva. It was exciting. We looked at a book with many vulvas and matched ours. So many different and beautiful vulvas! For many years, I thought my vulva was strange. I didn't have pictures of the big variety, only a standard picture of a "perfect vulva". It is so important to see how different our vulvas are. And each is beautiful and unique! Therefore I am so happy about this gallery and the possibility to see the diversity! I hope my daughters can accept their vulvas earlier and believe in their singularity and beauty!” . . Thank you for being part of the gallery ♥️ . . . #thevulvagallery #portrait #humananatomy #labia #respecteachother #embracediversity #shareyourstory #personalgrowth #empowerment #empathy #love #loveyourself #loveyourvulva #hildeatalanta

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« La Vulva Gallery accueille tout le monde – de toute origine, tout autour du monde, pour tous les genres et les identités. Ce compte vous incite à regarder par-delà ce que l’on vous a toujours appris à propos de nos corps (ce à quoi ils devraient ressembler, l’hygiène menstruelle, la pilosité) et à choisir ce qui semble le mieux pour vous. C’est éducatif, positif et…inclusif. Beaucoup d’individus pourvus de vulves ne souhaitent pas être définis comme des femmes. D’autres se situent dans un entre deux : les non-binaires, les genderqueer, les agender […] Avoir une vulve ne définit pas le genre d’une personne, et posséder un pénis non plus. Respectez les autres et soyez ouverts d’esprit » écrit ainsi Atlanta sur son compte Insta, emoji coeur en sus.

Long inner labia are very common: in half of all vulvas, inner labia are longer than the outer labia. That's about 1.9 billion beautiful vulvas similar to the one depicted here. Inner labia can be straight, but they can also be curvy or wavy, especially when they are a bit longer. Also, often one is longer or wavier than the other – because human beings aren't symmetrical. In the vulva depicted here you can also see the skin from the clitoral hood, "hugging" the inner labia (and protecting the glans clitoris underneath). Labia can have many different colours; they can be pink, reddish, brown, purplish, and often the skin at the outside of the vulva has a darker colour than the internal skin. These variations are all part of the amazing natural variety in shapes and sizes ✨ #thevulvagallery #vulva #labia #humananatomy #sexualhealtheducation #biology #bodydiversity #naturalvariety #watercolor #illustration #loveyourvulva #hildeatalanta

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Un beau message, salué par plus de 188 000 followers assidus. Au delà du like, s’attarder sur l’anatomie est déjà un geste militant : voir ces crayonnés riches de sens nous rappelle à quel point la représentation de la vulve est encore un tabou médiatique. Autant vous dire que ces esquisses inclusives seraient les bienvenues pour moderniser un tant soi peu les cours d’éducation sexuelle. Pour goûter à un peu plus de « vulve art », initiez vous donc aux dessins de Jacqueline Secor, et à sa très florale série Diversity of Nature. Une galerie qui nous démontre que tout est vulve.

This is a vulva portrait of a lovely person who wanted to become part of the gallery, together with the words she wanted to share with you: "As long as I can remember, I thought everything was wrong with my physical makeup, but especially that I was too fat and that my vulva looked how it did because I was fat. In my mind it was the only explanation as to why I had full, round labia majora and a very small tucked away clitoris and labia minora. I didn't know how to change how I looked, and so, begrudgingly lived with my vulva. When I became sexual, I felt relieved that no one commented on my vulva, however, I dissociated and so struggled to enjoy myself. In my early adulthood, a "friend" followed me into the bathroom and confronted me about my vulva on behalf of her boyfriend, who had seen a peek through my pajama shorts and apparently had "never seen one like mine" and was baffled. I was mortified. Their confronting me validated my fear that there was something wrong with my vulva, and it made me feel so much shame. I've been working on self acceptance, but It wasn't until I found The Vulva Gallery that the love for my vulva blossomed. She's been awakened and was forgiving of my negativity and neglect. She is beautiful and round, just like the rest of my beautiful, round body. I hope that sharing my vulva portrait will help someone with healing and acceptance, the way the other portraits shared on The Vulva Gallery helped me.” . . Thank you for being part of the gallery ♥️ . . . #thevulvagallery #portrait #humananatomy #labia #respecteachother #embracediversity #shareyourstory #personalgrowth #empowerment #empathy #love #loveyourself #loveyourvulva #hildeatalanta

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