Sasha, Bella & Dana: Gossip Girlz

It does no harm just this once, today we talk about gossips.

Yesterday, our beloved cousins from POPPORN warned the twittosphere about a rather funny catfight-like porn beef. The origin of all evil ? A sarcastic tweet by Belladonna, ex-retired porn star, now back in business and seemingly full of energy.


Everybody knows who the target is, indeed, it deals with Sasha Grey. Sasha, who swapped her porn faded finery for an arty princess costume long ago – to our great despair, was the talk of the town for her acting as a school reader. We thought that only god-fearing and self-righteous mothers were offended by that harmless happening. Nay. Belladonna added her two cents challenging Sasha’s abilities to read in front of children. No improper puritanism here. Belladonna, who’s famous for her unorthodox use baseball bats and uro fantasies, seems to freak out in a fit of jealousy.

First they were like...

Sasha, the cursed one, Sasha, the traitor, the new muse of movie directors who suffer from lack of inspiration, each of her doings are now feeding our timelines. It must have been a matter of annoyance for Belladonna, formerly her BFF (even though numerous philosophical dissensions could be felt in the past j/k). While she left the porn industry, Sasha didn’t win a lot of friends.

Then they were like...

The smell of blood must have drawn Dana DeArmond to the scene. There she goes with another smack. Nice determination to emphasize on Sasha Grey’s supposed opportunism: the presence of photographers in school, the news being immediately published on TMZ, etc… Dana also mentions the fact that porn actresses, when involved in traditional movies, usually play hookers (or similar roles), well, Sasha’s embryonic career won’t prove Dana’s point wrong. To go back to our twitter adventure, the conclusion is a nice virtual asslicking (in the noble sense of the word) session with Dana and Belladonna saying nice things to each other.


Sasha, the evil one, Sasha, the attention whore, sticks and stones may break her bones but tweets did not seem to hurt her as she didn’t answer anything.  She trolled the porn industry to find a place in the sun, now she can sing: “They see me readin’, they hatin’…”

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