La Timeline

4K Porn, 4Ever!

After Huccio and Jay Allan studio, its time for Naughty America to take a step in the future by falling for the 4K format (UHD: Ultra High Definition). The company announced they will start distributing UHD content this year for 10$ a month (on the top of the current 24.95$). It’s a big shift for Naughty America, […]

Bobbi Starr – Winter Squirting

The terrible news just came in. It might look like fall, but winter is indeed here, sad and lonely like a man crying in the street. For the sensitive souls, this most detestable season is like a never ending non-summer, a cowardly relinquishment, a 6-month long reverse spinning. Desperate times call for desperate measures: debauchery, […]

Porn Evolution (Part I): Four Chambers

All that we see or seems Is but a dream within a dream Four Chambers new video tease « Proof // of the reflective property : vex (tease)« , looks like a poetic walk through a dream and offers us an intriguing visual experience with the stunning Vex. Flirting with solitary pleasure, skin, abstract forms, flares, light beams, […]

Twenty Years Already, Dunno What to Think

At 0’01 I felt naughty, at 0’02 fever kicked in, at 0’03 I was in dire straits, at 0’04, idolatrous. Can’t say the boss didn’t warn me: “A good fapper,” he murmured, “is something you scent by instinct.” It indeed didn’t take long before concupiscence took my nose by storm to validate this one. A […]

Gifs Of The Week #11

Christmas went by, and I received my share of presents from the Internet, despite a rather busy schedule. That said, I always take on this non-holiday period serenely since for me it is synonymous with dill salmon and peanut butter, since I’m really not into chocolate. My most gorgeous gifts will come from the movies, […]

Guro: Extreme Hentai and Transgression

If you’ve hung about the Internet at least a bit, you must have heard about hentai. Whatever trick turns you on, even more so if you fancied C-18 when you were little, these porn mangas and anime were made just for you. But beyond the so-called “classic” fantasies, they also stage the most unusual – […]

Tila Tequila: Shot at Porn 2

It looks like Tila Tequila still believes in the power of the sex-tape and fortunately, the watchful Vivid empire always have an exclusive video tape at their fingerprints. Thanks Vivid to help out any wannabe stars. About Tila, rumors were all around the place since December and we finally have access to the full release of « Tila […]

Charlie Sheen: Marry me!

this is the house ware M Gorbachev R Reagan did some epic. it’s also where S and I GOT MARRIED! c #RumorMilUhPede — Charlie Sheen (@charliesheen) 5 Janvier 2014 For a moment, we all fall in the trap . But Charlie Sheen’s wedding with the lovely Brett Rossi was just a joke aim to piss […]

Erika Lust: Let’s Make a Porno

We were talking a few weeks ago about the XConfessions and the Feminist Porn of the lovely Erika Lust. As a Christmas gift, she’s offering us a freebie book called « Let’s make A Porno ». It’s an illustrated guide sharing Erika’s long experience and thoughts on the Adults film’s world. Clear and usefull, it is aim to bring […]

Jizzmas: Jizzus Christ Returns

If you want to be famous on the Internet, a good bunch of options are offered to you. You don’t need any particular talent. You simply can give money to FaceBook to increase your social media audience, be lucky and show your boobs or genitals to get to the near-fame’s point. Overall, you need to […]

Gifs Of The Week #10

This is a post written slightly early. When you will read those lines, I will probably be digesting the Sunday couscous, given the family reunion / winter holidays situation. This way I will be able to recover from the vivid emotions that have been shaking my poor little heart on the Internet. This week I […]

Gifs Of The Week #9

Once I’m done with my daily tumblr watch routine, I go hanging around the other Internet. Watching Lana Del Rey’s “Tropico” on Friday night certainly was my biggest mistake of the week. You’ve got all the tumblr culture in there: unicorns, Jesus, booty-shake, tattooed tears and albinos. Twenty-seven looong minutes, without any reference, or guiding […]

Mok-Bang: Korean Diner Porn

The greetings season continues! In our modern era, Christmas is focussed on two things: A fat red-clothed version of Gandalf and some endless diners with friends and family. It is a true food orgy: Oysters, lobster, stuffed meat, fish, pudding, chocolate, fudge, brown sugar pound cake with caramel glaze and many other deliciousness. We get […]

German Anal, Finger Heart

At Le Tag Parfait’s very source, a long, long time ago, lay an observation: as far as anal (only in french, ed)  was concerned, the Germans knew one thing or two we obviously didn’t, especially when it came to homemade. How many of you learned their language through YouPorn? And did you know that it was precisely […]

Gifs Of The Week #8

Sometimes Internet makes you search hard. It’s a shame, but you have to deal with it. To find good gifs, nice chicks, nice guys, dicks, tits, pussies (and I’ll stop there or else the list will never end), you need to look deeper into it. It’s like when you rummage through the Web for an […]

Robin: Auditioning Love

Annoyers pass your way! This Fap Parfait includes several terms that could scare off the most sensitive souls among you: urchin cut, dreadlocks, pubic hair. As for the others, do stay, for what follows could well be one of the biggest successes of the genie hiding behind Net Video Girls. Robin is all about love, […]

Lexi Belle: Penthouse Pet of the Year 2014

Oh Lexi! You made our tiny hearts going up and down this year. After you announced you wanted to try a new life and you were retiring from the business last June, we were desperately seeking for news. We have been comprehensive, all things have an end and there are time in you life where […]

Lucky Bastard: Reality TV, Porn and Horror

Directed by Robert Nathan, Lucky Bastard is a found footage horror/thriller flick taking place in the infamous Porn industry. It’s the story of a young, nice and shy guy (Dave – Jay Paulson) who wins an online contest to fuck a Pornstar. « Lucky Bastard » is the name of the website running the contest. Shot like […]