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Efukt: Psycho Swamp Sluts

After Dildo Tales and Awkward Moments in Porn, this week Efukt gives us a kick in the nuts with another gem of weirdness called: Psycho Swamp Sluts. Indeed, it’s no even weird, it’s just horrific and it enters directly in our DAFUQ hall of fame. We must say we have hesitated a lot before publishing this […]

Twerk Wars: Glossy Vs Grunge

Le Tag Parfait comes back with one of its favorite subjects: TWERK. We enjoy booty shaking, we love hypno-moving fannies, we worship the slow-motion’s mess on a wobbly ass, and we adore the big derrieres. Yes we do! In a world where you can find many different Twerking’s flavor and in between a layer of failed attempt a […]

Gifs Of The Week #15

Another week, another gif selection, and, inevitably, I’m up for another hassle with the www. Scheming with the tags, the names of the actresses, and the pixel quality: my daily battle. Of course, since I’m aware everything is possible here below, in all imaginable shapes and sizes, I very seldom –i.e. almost never – give up. That […]

Asphyxia Noir – Danny Wylde: It’s Electric

Do you remember Kassem Gharaibeh? You know the guy behind the « Going Deep » videos, where he asked funny, awkward and unusual questions to some of our favourite Porn stars. Well,  a few days ago, our weird hipster-youtuber paid a visit to the AVN expo and he gives us some funny bits on its Youtube’s channel. […]

Efukt: Dildo Tales

Whenever Efukt releases a video, we have this weird taste in the mouth, reminding us the good old times of 2 Girls 1 Cup’s first watch ever. In their new one, we assist to an unfortunate piece of Porn-reality, where Omar Galanti loses a 8 inches stopperless dildo inside the back-door of Masha.Poor girl! Recently, […]

Porn Stars Against Internet

When she was nineteen, Siri knew she wanted to be a Porn Star. Four years later, she moved to the San Fernando Valley to live the dream and immediately shot her very first scene with Reality King. It was in February 2012 and six month later, she performed in more than eighteen videos. This is […]

Gifs Of The Week #14

Today was a typical I-know-it’s-gonna-be-boring Day. After the gifs and the daily work — because, of course, weekend don’t mean there isn’t any —, given how dirty grey the sky looked the last time I ventured an eye out my dormer, and the lousy programming in the closest cinemas, I am most probably going to spend […]

Samantha Rone: Those Eyes!

For as long as I can remember, I have always fallen in love of girls with cute faces. Ever since my early years, I more or less had a hidden fascination for Italian Madonna baroque’s portraits or classic, neo-classic and romantic’s scenes with goddesses and nymphets. On a more recent era’s side, I’ve loved looking at […]

Porn Classic: The Cable Guy By College Humor

When I hear Cable Guy, I’m not thinking about the Ben Stiller’s movie with Jim Carey (even if it’s a very underrated movie). I’m just thinking about Cohen Brother’s masterpiece: « The Big Lebowski« , with it’s fake pornographic film inside the movie: « Log Jammin« . A Porn produced by Jackie Treehorn, where Bunny Lebowski and her half […]

Doc, what are the risks related to extreme anal sex?

We spent so much time skulking on Efukt or Evil Angel we started wondering if all those extreme practices flourishing in porn weren’t a little harmful to the actors’ health. Since planet Earth revolves around the anus, and given how prolapsus is getting trendy these days, we needed some reliable and definitive medical advice on […]

Gifs Of The Week #13

Now that we have taken stock of 2013, time to turn toward the future. 2014 is here. I didn’t really make any resolutions for this commencing year, except to keep following my path through the Internet. I’ve been selecting gifs for more than six months now, and I intend on nurturing this column for a […]

Stephane Kot: Chrysalis

With Chrysalis, Stephane Kot created a remarkable video. Using the vacuum packing as a metaphoric cocoon, we can admire the actress Leslies Carles emerging from it like a butterfly struggling to born from its stasis. The vacuum packing is a practice mixing asphyxiation and latex fetishes. It consists in confining a person in a plastic/latex […]

Sunny Lane: Glory to the Hole

I always wonder what my life would be like if it were a porn movie. For starters, I’d have much bigger boobs and would never wear panties, but surely enough I’d walk around in red stilettos all day. Most of all, every situation would be but a pretext to pleasure myself and come, or make […]

Kink: James Franco and Model Wanted

The Documentary: Good news everyone! Presented during 2013 Sundance Festival,  » Kink »  the documentary will finally hit North American’s theaters this Summer (distributed by MPI Pictures). The super-active and irresistible  James Franco (executive producer for this video), convinced the talented Christina Alexandra Voros to direct it. As you may know, BDSM is standing for Bondage & […]

ODEI: Kumo

ODEI is a French band composed of three musicians: Biscay (drums), Hoarau (keyboards and vibraphone) and Matthys (synthesizers). Under the collective Moï Moï, they create a unique universe in between acoustic music and electronic improvisation. In the same vein as Aufgang or Zombie Zombie, they delivering to our ears some organic and sensual textures. Indeed, they might […]

Efukt: Awkward Moments in Porn

I must admit, last weekend was pretty lazy and I was simply trying to ignore the 2014 AVN Award’s fake parade. At one point, I decided to merely seek for something useful to do. So I went to my favorite Starbucks, lost myself on Tumblr and while I scrubbed new stuff on Reddit, a link […]

Gifs Of The Week #12

Good evening you all! I hope you are enjoying a nice and cushy Sunday while I’m tinkling away on my computer looking for gifs. An occupation that’s like a small bubble of fresh air in a weekend that isn’t one. My only wish for the coming year is: may my Internet diversify and stop displaying […]

Zoochosis: Bounce

Zoochosis is back with a new video called « Bounce« . Through his work, Patrick Scott is still exploring the effect of captivity on the human being and this time, the metaphoric prison is the working place. At one point, we all felt our shitty job was a little bit like jail, with your colleagues as inmates […]