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Said Energizer: Ukraine Best

Said Energizer is an Ukrainian lucky bastard. Very active on VK and Instagram, he’s a rising-star videographer and photographer who makes millions hits on its content. Why such a success? We would like to say it’s because he’s a super talented guy. But to be honest, if he’s so successful, it’s not because of its editing […]

Gifs Of The Week #19

I took my time to sort through the Internet gifs during the whole week. I rushed to the nearest cinema to watch The Canyons, featuring a slightly frozen Lindsay Lohan and a rather hyper James Deen. I’m still of two minds about seeing Her, but the cutie-face of mustached Joaquin Phoenix may well swing the […]

ROPE : Eric Minh Swenson loves bondage

Eric Minh Swenson is a Los Angeles-based filmmaker and photographer who works mainly on the the contemporary Southern California BDSM and art scene. His new project called ROPE is a film about… well, as you guessed, ropes and bondage, featuring the rigger and rope artist Damon Pierce and his rope bunnies. ROPE will be filmed […]

Gifs Of The Week #18

That was a real lousy week indeed. All the demons of the gif world joined forces to have me go through a heavy dose of hassle. I’d just enjoyed a very nice burger, and thought my gif hunt would be the best way to take up a lengthy digestion. That’s when drama strikes. Misery, emptiness, […]

Shrek is Love, Shrek is Life

Today, we found one more visual definition of WTF on Internet. This time its safe for work, it’s about Shrek (any Brogres there?) and its available on Youtube. So you can slack like a boss. [youtuber youtube=’’] >He whispers into my ear « This is my swamp. » >He grabs me with his powerful ogre hands and […]

Gabber Band: Normhardcore

Internet, this jollity kingdom of the future to come, offers us daily its dose of randomness. Today, we chose to dig  in the Normcore wave, simply because we are trendy assholes (NxC Baby!). Normal-core or Normcore is this great new thingy thing announced by an NYC based « trend forecasting group » called K-HOLE. In their latest trend […]

DJ Snake & Lil Jon – Turn Down For What

Waking up, being tired as hell, going to work and having a depleted motivation for: it was this morning’s party program. Thursday, is just another Monday in the week, innit? But at 10.30 am CST, our beloved boss, Gonzo, dropped a link on my timeline: a trap song. For fuck sake Gonzo, don’t you think I’ve […]

Jessie Andrews (ft. Comets We Fall) – You Won’t Forget Tonight

In 2014, Porn can be a professional springboard, a job like any other and Jessie Andrews is a perfect example. At the moment, if she’s not Porn-wise very active, it is because she’s focusing on her new main business: music. Regularly, she releases some songs and she posts her » Girlfriend mix  » on her Soundcloud. […]

Food Porn: Pornburger

The first time I had a serious boner with food was when I saw Nigella Lawson cooking sumptuous feasts for an X-mas show on the BBC. It was intense, arousing, appetizing and freaking hot. The second time I had an erection with food was because of a Lazy Mary’s lemon FUCKING tart in a renowned […]

True Colors: My Cherry Crush

Being in Canada during a full winter is like living in a giant snow Bukkakke where the skies stain your pretty face with a fantastic white sticky powder. It’s funny at the beginning but it becomes weird with the time because everything around you is immaculate and shiny shit white (with time to time some […]

Vine: R.I.Porn

Yesterday Vine Labs created the surprise with a post on their blog announcing they changed their general rules to ring the knell for Porn on their platform. …We’ve found that there’s a very small percentage of videos that are not a good fit for our community. So we’re making an update to our Rules and Terms of Service to […]

Cam Girlz: Documentary

Chaturbate, Cam4, LiveJasmin… So you scrub for Pornish drug and when Party Poker is not around the corner on a pop-up window, you are annoyed by some random ads of  live sex websites. We all have been surprised by some ads with sex noises and dirty talks in our speakers. This shit happens even when you formerly […]

Gifs Of The Week #17

This week promised to be rather calm on the Internet, but then, it wasn’t. Since Wednesday, panic had slimed onto my dashboard, newsfeeds, and infinite scrollbars, and spread the not necessarily dreaded virus of Valentines’ Day. This is also the moment fat-joke amateurs seize to post their homemade paint edits of porn stars, sitcom actors, […]

The Will To Love: Ana Foxxx

I approach tubes with an intense passion. Sometimes we hold hands as if nothing could harm us, other times I feel like dumping them and crack the Konami code of my credit card to subscribe to all the paying sites in the world. Sometimes I love you, sometimes you make me blue, we shall stand […]

PornMD: Live Search Fun

At Le Tag Parfait, we always have ideas to make a great and tasty parties. Like baguette and wine, it’s in our fucking french blood, we know what’s good for you. So it’s party time at your place, all your friends are here and they are drunk or possibly under drugs effect. You can spot […]

Craving For Amateur: Gingerpuss

It wasn’t a very rousing week in the Porn world. In between the Olympic’s Hockey games (Go Team Canada!) and the second House Of Cards season on Netflix, we spotted only a few bits of interesting activity: the Bitcoins acceptance in the Porn game, the deep shit music done by Lupe Fuentes and a potential Grammy award for […]

Gifs Of The Week #16

I had made my mind up about sealing this week with a good nosh, the kind of meal after which you just roll under the table in a burp. Once the deed was done, I’m sure you can imagine how deep my disappointment was when, waking up the next morning with a belly still full, […]

Sex Competition: Asa Akira Vs Kastuni

We know it’s Valentine’s Day and we know most of you are busy with some last minute gifts shopping. Romantic flowers, cheap chocolate, sensual body-oil and pink strap-on, you are ready to rock this Valentine. Plus, we can note that the hand written stylish sonnet you wrote earlier for your lover will be a hit […]