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Gifs Of The Week #32

For now on, driving the wisdom’s path, I allow myself a quick detour on the gif’s highway pushing the scrolling’s gear to the fourth speed. Reaching 120 posts per seconds on my dashboard, Tumblr is on the blink and any reblog is risky. When it comes to find the gifs sources, you are moving into […]

Gifs Of The Week #31

As the boss says, life goes on. As shocked as I could be by the recent events in France, I went back to my job and I tried to find a sort of comfort in my scrolling habits. My heart wasn’t really there, but I sought into my pictorial stash to dig out Dillion Harper’s glance, […]

Gifs Of The Week #30

2015 is here and I hadn’t time to hold my breath that this new year came. Personally, I’m not a new year resolution’s girl, I’m exercising whenever I can and I won’t give up on fat food or increase my vegetables consumption.  I’m just gonna keep going my way because I don’t know what else […]

VirtualRealPorn: The Future Of Porn Will Be Virtual

At Le Tag Parfait, we see porn pragmatically. It’s just an excellent masturbatory support. With virtual reality, this support becomes a sensory porn experience and takes the viewer to a stunning realism. For now, few people are involved, except for VirtualRealPorn that offers content that is compatible with all helmets in the market even if the market doesn’t exist […]

Gifs Of The Week #29

During this quite studious week, I allowed myself a midweek break to look for my gifs. Scrolling amuck, I could see myself going as far back as my posts of last week, or even further, as long as my right hand would let me indulge in this sweet frenzy. But my finger fapping got curtailed […]

Gifs Of The Week #28

So it is that my last holidaymaker weekend drew to a close with the writing of this column, and an umpteenth viewing of Dogma, to have a good laugh at the lousy jokes of Jayand Silent Bob before going back to my routine. But then, do note that I don’t complain, my schedule isn’t that […]

The Eastern Remedy: Misha Cross

September is this very month of the year smelling a disturbing fragrance of fresh rotten work routine and dying tree leafs. Yeah right, you’re back to your normal working activities, everyone in your office talk about their amazing summertime and, you can’t help thinking yours sucked donkey asses. It was mostly raining and anyway, the idea of […]

Gifs Of The Week #27

Morning is coming to an end, and I still haven’t digested last night’s Butter Chicken. Stranded on my couch, I think about all the good meals only waiting to be swallowed into my tiny stomach, and hope for the chicken to finally move, in the right direction if possible. Today is going to be a […]

Basement Jaxx: All is Full of Twerk

Basement Jaxx English electro-music band. Noise maker, laboratory and robot lovers which didn’t bring anything fresh to the music game for a while now (they were awesome 10 years ago!). Twerking Subtle dance move. The art of shaking your bum like a boss. Modern hypnosis. If you never heard of it you shall move back to planet […]

Gifs Of The Week #26

Of course, the sky got in a huff precisely when I finally found myself on holiday. My tropical mood frustrated, I decided to go on movement strike, and I’m on track to stay glued in my bed watching movies until Summer regains its rights. Between two B-movies, I always indulge in a short Tumblr break […]

Gifs Of The Week #25

D-Day has come. A few days late because of the calendar’s whims, I am celebrating the Gifs of the Week’s first birthday (on French version, —ed.): more than 250 gifs, slightly unbelievable or bang sensual thingies with actors, actresses, and amateurs who are shining in a special place in my Love galaxy. My Sunday delight: […]

Four Chambers: Crystalline

You guys should be aware about our deep fondness with Four Chambers. Why such a dedication? Because we still believe that their point of view on the « porn to be » is pretty accurate. They keep raising some legitimate question on the possibilities of an alternative porn within the various arty concept they spreads to our. Plus, their […]

My Unsuccessful Quest For The Perfect Kinbaku Porn

I’ve been modeling as a “rope bunny” for almost two years now, however I never found any porn including Japanese bondage (also known as Kinbaku) that I really enjoyed. Lately I have been asking the boss (my official porn dealer) to find me some videos including the emotional and challenging act of tying AND the penetration. He has been […]

Gifs Of The Week #24

We made it through! The beautiful time of the year we call summer is finally there! The special pollen and grass forecasts issued by Meteo France and the RNSA (the French air pollution surveillance network) remain hopelessly in the red. Bring on the rainstorm and the big heat, and let that muck rot, dry and […]

Summertime: August Ames

It’s been a while since we haven’t given you guys a Fap Parfait. No we didn’t forget you, it was just a busy time for us all. You know, we are at this turning point of the year where you try more than ever to be outside. Your Pornstach perfectly trimmed and your mullet ready to […]

Munk : « There’s too much Yoga music in electronic »

Three years after The Bird and the beat, the Berlin-based producer Munk, also known as Mathias Modica, is getting ready to release his fourth studio album in September. Described by the UK press as one of Germany’s most influencial electronic producers, Munk worked with some of the hippest, most talented musicians during his fifteen years career : LCD Soundsystem, […]