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BrWax, A Fresh Look At Brazil

BrWax, a Tumblr born in 2010, allows following the evolution of a Brazilian passionate about photography and pretty girls. BrWax stands for Brazilian Wax – clear and accurate. Coming from the field of board sports, whether liquid or bituminous, Haruo Kaneko shows his pictures between various reblogs, always in a festive and mostly nighttime atmosphere. […]

Form Porn: Abstract Bodyscapes

Within the endless pictorial dump that is Tumblr, most of the time you burn your eyes (and your life) on useless streams of stuff that fluctuate in between shit and crap. But time to time, you fall on some special content that is weird enough to appeal your curiosity and makes your scrolling febrile like […]

The Cream Of the Male

Les fleurs du mâle (punned after the book by Baudelaire, The Flowers of Evil, and the consonance between mâle, male, and mal, evil) is the masculine response to the gorgeous and naked chicks’ tumblrs that flourish on our timelines. Same style, same editorial policy: polished pictures, natural and spontaneous, moving, sexy, nice butts… Only pecs […]