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Feelup Records : $extape – Danish Porn Mixtape

$extape is the creation of two Danish musicians: Birk Storm and Stina Kinck. Earlier this year, they released « Danish Porn Mixtape » signed by Feel Up Records  (label of Jillionaire // Major Lazer). The idea started from a meeting while touring, and ended up by a record session in Copenhagen where Bad Decision came to life. A pure […]

Girls Are On Earth to Make Love

It is complicated to work in the porn business and watch all those girls strut across your screen without ever being able to touch them. Future is not close enough to be reached, and the screen remains this terrible and impassable barrier. At Le Tag Parfait, when frustration settles in, we are more likely to […]

Gonzo | Dirty Mind III

The night moves forward, its shadow nibbling the back alleys and the people. In this curve I settle down, calm but anxiously aware of the slightest noises. Behind me, Steve Bug is nervously pounding a synthetic bass, and says the time has come. Time for what? Nothing ever happens, in the end. We’re always waiting […]

Gonzo | Dirty Mind II

Slumped in a corner of the club, I look at those basses bouncing like giant booties against the walls. Waves and tushes mingle; I’d like to touch them with a huge ten-feet long sex, but the farthest my body goes is this glass and the ice cubes I’m chatting with. Entrenched behind my arched eyebrow […]

Gonzo | Dirty Mind

I clenched her throat, leered at her for a beat, and bitch-slapped her; then I gave her a second smack, and ten others at a stretch, in a searing fit of fever. I was sick of hearing her moan, so I pinned her against the wall to make her quiet. Calm, at last. Only a […]