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The first San Francisco PornFilmFestival live from home

The inaugural San Francisco PornFilmFestival (powered by PinkLabel.TV) premieres Wednesday August 19th thru Sunday August 23rd, 2020, streaming online as a virtual adult film festival available to watch from anywhere in the world, including yes, your couch, or your bed. What to expect? The San Francisco PornFilmFestival will livestream film programs, filmmaker talks and Q&As, […]

Basement Jaxx: All is Full of Twerk

Basement Jaxx English electro-music band. Noise maker, laboratory and robot lovers which didn’t bring anything fresh to the music game for a while now (they were awesome 10 years ago!). Twerking Subtle dance move. The art of shaking your bum like a boss. Modern hypnosis. If you never heard of it you shall move back to planet […]

Four Chambers: Crystalline

You guys should be aware about our deep fondness with Four Chambers. Why such a dedication? Because we still believe that their point of view on the « porn to be » is pretty accurate. They keep raising some legitimate question on the possibilities of an alternative porn within the various arty concept they spreads to our. Plus, their […]

Grapefuit Me: The Sound and the Fury

Have you ever heard about No? Shame on you! But it’s ok, ignorance is not a crime (yet) and I must admit that I was the same as you guys a few hours ago. It’s a website made by Angel, a lovely Milf-ish lady from Chicago that claims to be an intimacy expert. She wants […]

Pornhub Creative Director Contest: The Final

Two month ago Pornhub launched an online contest to find a new Creative Director for their brand. For the competition, people were aim to submit original ads designs and concepts for an SFW Pornhub’s national campaign. A none pornographic ad for a pornographic website: SMART. This cool G-Rated initiative is one among other clever « all public » […]

No Regret: Use a Condom

No Regret is the new message from Love Life, a national Swiss campaign for STD’s prevention and information. After Safe Sex and Make Love, they try to put ahead a simple message within a thoughtful manifesto: I love my life. I live to the full I love my body. That’s why I protect it I […]

Singin’ in the Brain

After the sweet sessions of  “Hysterical Literature” where girls were trying to read some passages of books while they were stimulated by a vibrator. We realized that it was very hard reading aloud while having an orgasm coming. And some people realized that literature was arousing as fuck. Oh dear Stoya, read me more stories… […]

Oldie but Goodie: Russ Meyer Girls

The legend says that Russ Meyer lost his virginity in a French Brothel with a large breasted lady (during WWII). This was a gift from Ernest Hemingway, who offered a lady to Russ when he discovered he was still a pristin boy. We can  guess this event marked forever the young Meyer and possibly trigged […]

Miley Cyrus: Tongue Tied

Tongue Tied is the last video of Miley Cyrus. Dropped yesterday on the excellent Nowness website, it is not an official video music, but a part of a video-projection from Miley’s sulfuric Bangerz tour. Created by the very fashionable and geometrical master Quentin Jones, this arty film shows a soft BDSM Miley in a very […]

Pornhub: Fap For Forest

Pornhub, the site that makes your dick bigger, is never missing an opportunity to show they are more than a random Porn website. After their Insights page full of datas, their hand-picked curated Porn page, their Creative Director challenge and other contest or the lovely Valentine-Day cards on Tumblr, they are now becoming some kind of […]

Efukt: Imagination Land

Last week I saw Forest Gump for the umpteenth time and I can’t help thinking about this moment where Forest is sitting on this bench saying: « Mama always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get. » Damn right Forest! But what about these tons of gross untasty chocolate that you […]

Behemoth: Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel

The latest Behemoth video music “Blow your Trumpets Gabriel” landed at the beginning of 2014 on the Internet, and we must say that it’s a freaking good video. Behemoth? Yeah, you know, one of these Polish traditional extreme music band enjoying country walks in gloomy woods, war painting, blast beat, epic guitars, virgins blood and Satanic […]

Said Energizer: Ukraine Best

Said Energizer is an Ukrainian lucky bastard. Very active on VK and Instagram, he’s a rising-star videographer and photographer who makes millions hits on its content. Why such a success? We would like to say it’s because he’s a super talented guy. But to be honest, if he’s so successful, it’s not because of its editing […]

ROPE : Eric Minh Swenson loves bondage

Eric Minh Swenson is a Los Angeles-based filmmaker and photographer who works mainly on the the contemporary Southern California BDSM and art scene. His new project called ROPE is a film about… well, as you guessed, ropes and bondage, featuring the rigger and rope artist Damon Pierce and his rope bunnies. ROPE will be filmed […]

Shrek is Love, Shrek is Life

Today, we found one more visual definition of WTF on Internet. This time its safe for work, it’s about Shrek (any Brogres there?) and its available on Youtube. So you can slack like a boss. [youtuber youtube=’’] >He whispers into my ear « This is my swamp. » >He grabs me with his powerful ogre hands and […]

Gabber Band: Normhardcore

Internet, this jollity kingdom of the future to come, offers us daily its dose of randomness. Today, we chose to dig  in the Normcore wave, simply because we are trendy assholes (NxC Baby!). Normal-core or Normcore is this great new thingy thing announced by an NYC based « trend forecasting group » called K-HOLE. In their latest trend […]

DJ Snake & Lil Jon – Turn Down For What

Waking up, being tired as hell, going to work and having a depleted motivation for: it was this morning’s party program. Thursday, is just another Monday in the week, innit? But at 10.30 am CST, our beloved boss, Gonzo, dropped a link on my timeline: a trap song. For fuck sake Gonzo, don’t you think I’ve […]

Jessie Andrews (ft. Comets We Fall) – You Won’t Forget Tonight

In 2014, Porn can be a professional springboard, a job like any other and Jessie Andrews is a perfect example. At the moment, if she’s not Porn-wise very active, it is because she’s focusing on her new main business: music. Regularly, she releases some songs and she posts her » Girlfriend mix  » on her Soundcloud. […]