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December 2013: Alex

Year 1995 City Paris (France) First picture/video that aroused you? Actually I didn’t really have one. Or maybe just a totally imaginary picture I had in mind, it’s a bit silly. When I was 14-15, I had this erotic dream, I was wearing a garter belt and I thought it was sublime. To be one’s […]

October 2013: Nicolas

Born 1977 City Paris (France) What was the first picture that turned you on? I am not sure. Either a picture in Penthouse magazine, beach series, a close-up on a beautiful tanned pussy with shell necklaces through which you could see beautiful coral coloured labias… Or the explicit cartoons of Reiser… Whatever a child could […]

September 2013: Audrey

Born: 1986 City: Lille (France) What was your first erotic memory? Encrypted porn movies on french cable network, Canal+. There was something really exciting in the pixelated look of the images and in the altered sounds. What was your first pornographic movie? I was around eleven and it was a VHS tape hidden in my […]

July 2013: Mary

Born: 1991 City: Lyon (France) First porno you watched? I was 13 at the time; I came across something filthy on TV, a hairy 80’s porno. I didn’t understand why guys of my age could enjoy watching such stuff, I thought it was particularly repulsive. What about the last one you saw? An amateur video […]

June 2013: Charlotte

Born: 1987 City: Paris (France) Last porn movie you watched? Frankly speaking, I don’t think I’ve ever watched a porn in its entirety, sometimes I would watch parts of it if my friends showed me or if I heard about something special, then I will take a quick look but that’s all. What are your […]

May 2013: Zacharie

Born: 1986 City: Paris (France) You’re a photographer, you must have developed an interest for picture quite early. What is the picture which makes the most important impact on you? Indeed. I’m a photographer, photojournalist to be more precise. Since I was a little boy, I’ve always been attracted to picture. I was more into […]

April 2013: Emeline

Born: 1986 City: Paris What is the first picture you used as a masturbatory material? The first « pictures » which got me excited before internet could be found in erotic novels or old Fluide Glacial comic books sitting around in my country house. I don’t have precise memories about them. What was the first porn you […]

March 2013: Marine

Born: 1989 City: Brussels (Belgium) What was your first encounter with sex? I did rather traditional things such as playing doctors with my little cousin. Then I became a teenager and I had my first sexual intercourse at a relatively young age, at the time I hadn’t cuddled any boy or watched porn. Everything happened […]

February 2013: Isabelle

Born: 1980 City: Bordeaux (France) What is the first picture that aroused you? My brothers who are older than me (the eldest was 18 when I was 6) had porn magazines and pictures. I was very young when I saw that, I was excited but didn’t know what to think about it. It left me […]

January 2013: Camille

Born: 1993 City: Paris (France) What is the first picture that aroused you? I was 7 years old I guess, I was with a girlfriend and we found an erotic magazine owned by my parents. There were girls with big boobs, I thought that I would be like them when I’ll be older, it didn’t […]

November 2012: Camille

Born: 1980 City: Paris (France) First picture that aroused you? Série Rose sur FR3 (french TV), I was 11 years old, it was a TV adaptation of erotic novels. I remember that it was “forbidden”, therefore it was exciting. Then “Clicks” by Manara, my parents had a glass bookcase, with some hot stuff, I would […]

October 2012: Benjamin

Born: 1985 City: Colombes (France) Why do you want to become a Parfait? There’s not many men in this section, there’s no reason why girls would not make the most of it. You might expose yourself to trolls, you know that? I don’t care, there’s much more interesting things to troll than me in the […]

September 2012: Lola

Born: 1992 City: Paris Do you remember the first picture that turned you on? I don’t have many memories before the age of 15. I don’t know if I did this consciously or not, but it seems like I erased those trouble times from my memory. I first realized something strange was happening to me […]

June 2012: Ombeline

Born: 1990 City: Paris – France Your first encounter with sex ? Secretary, I was about 11-12. Then at 16-17 years old I had my Marilyn Chambers time. I wanted to watch porn but not the dirty one or the bad one. Since it was said on the net that Behind the Green Door was a […]

May 2012: Chloé

Born: 1990 City: Savigny sur Orge – France Your first Porn? Around 6 years old, I was with my best friend at his parents place. There was no parental code on the cable at the time, and we were zapping. We randomly found a porn movie. It was an old school movie with a canopy […]

April 2012: Sophie

Born: 1990 City: Paris – France Your first encounter with sex? It was at the beginning of middle school I think, we played as friends, only girls, it was quite natural. I realized that my parents were embarrassed when we got caught… The first time an image turned you on? First on the TV screen, […]

March 2012: Le Tag Parfait (editorial staff)

Le Tag Parfait Left to right: Guilhem (photographer – author) – Stephen (chief editor) – Charles (author NSFW) – Ariane (author) – Guillaume (web developper) – Youssef (author) – Philippe (author) – Joanna (grammar nazi) – Mikko (author)   © Photo by Thomas Chéné

February 2012: Elise

Born: 1987 City: Paris – France Your first encounter with sex? On the Pink Minitel… I was 8 or 9 when I heard a radio ad saying “3615 ULLA” so I tried. My pseudo was… Lilisex ! But I got caught by my grand-parents. Needless to say the phone bill had slightly increased ! I also listened […]