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The Eastern Remedy: Misha Cross

September is this very month of the year smelling a disturbing fragrance of fresh rotten work routine and dying tree leafs. Yeah right, you’re back to your normal working activities, everyone in your office talk about their amazing summertime and, you can’t help thinking yours sucked donkey asses. It was mostly raining and anyway, the idea of […]

Summertime: August Ames

It’s been a while since we haven’t given you guys a Fap Parfait. No we didn’t forget you, it was just a busy time for us all. You know, we are at this turning point of the year where you try more than ever to be outside. Your Pornstach perfectly trimmed and your mullet ready to […]

A Little Kidness In This Hard, Hard World

Sometimes, in this coarse life of mine haunted by stress, pain, nihilistic anxiety and violent pictures, I need to do take break. This, to breathe and find back some sweetness in my existence. Eventually, if my life could be as sweet as my dreams it would be cool and pretty beautiful: soft, sweet, sexy, silky, smooth. […]

True Colors: My Cherry Crush

Being in Canada during a full winter is like living in a giant snow Bukkakke where the skies stain your pretty face with a fantastic white sticky powder. It’s funny at the beginning but it becomes weird with the time because everything around you is immaculate and shiny shit white (with time to time some […]

The Will To Love: Ana Foxxx

I approach tubes with an intense passion. Sometimes we hold hands as if nothing could harm us, other times I feel like dumping them and crack the Konami code of my credit card to subscribe to all the paying sites in the world. Sometimes I love you, sometimes you make me blue, we shall stand […]

Craving For Amateur: Gingerpuss

It wasn’t a very rousing week in the Porn world. In between the Olympic’s Hockey games (Go Team Canada!) and the second House Of Cards season on Netflix, we spotted only a few bits of interesting activity: the Bitcoins acceptance in the Porn game, the deep shit music done by Lupe Fuentes and a potential Grammy award for […]

Sex Competition: Asa Akira Vs Kastuni

We know it’s Valentine’s Day and we know most of you are busy with some last minute gifts shopping. Romantic flowers, cheap chocolate, sensual body-oil and pink strap-on, you are ready to rock this Valentine. Plus, we can note that the hand written stylish sonnet you wrote earlier for your lover will be a hit […]

Samantha Rone: Those Eyes!

For as long as I can remember, I have always fallen in love of girls with cute faces. Ever since my early years, I more or less had a hidden fascination for Italian Madonna baroque’s portraits or classic, neo-classic and romantic’s scenes with goddesses and nymphets. On a more recent era’s side, I’ve loved looking at […]

Sunny Lane: Glory to the Hole

I always wonder what my life would be like if it were a porn movie. For starters, I’d have much bigger boobs and would never wear panties, but surely enough I’d walk around in red stilettos all day. Most of all, every situation would be but a pretext to pleasure myself and come, or make […]

Bobbi Starr – Winter Squirting

The terrible news just came in. It might look like fall, but winter is indeed here, sad and lonely like a man crying in the street. For the sensitive souls, this most detestable season is like a never ending non-summer, a cowardly relinquishment, a 6-month long reverse spinning. Desperate times call for desperate measures: debauchery, […]

Twenty Years Already, Dunno What to Think

At 0’01 I felt naughty, at 0’02 fever kicked in, at 0’03 I was in dire straits, at 0’04, idolatrous. Can’t say the boss didn’t warn me: “A good fapper,” he murmured, “is something you scent by instinct.” It indeed didn’t take long before concupiscence took my nose by storm to validate this one. A […]

German Anal, Finger Heart

At Le Tag Parfait’s very source, a long, long time ago, lay an observation: as far as anal (only in french, ed)  was concerned, the Germans knew one thing or two we obviously didn’t, especially when it came to homemade. How many of you learned their language through YouPorn? And did you know that it was precisely […]

Robin: Auditioning Love

Annoyers pass your way! This Fap Parfait includes several terms that could scare off the most sensitive souls among you: urchin cut, dreadlocks, pubic hair. As for the others, do stay, for what follows could well be one of the biggest successes of the genie hiding behind Net Video Girls. Robin is all about love, […]

Lezley Zen, Keep Calm

Here at Le Tag Parfait, everyone is fighting his or her own corner. For instance Jizzkov cheers for the “sensitive” team, GrosMikko for the “performance” team and Guilhem for the “barely legal” team. Personally, I’m an all-time member of the “tension” team, when fiction takes reality by the hand and pulls it one level up. […]

Rebeca Linares: Ding Dong Corrida

Madrid, Spain, land of my fantasies. A single word coming out of a Spanish girl’s mouth is all it takes for a tonfa to rise in my slim pants, and that woody won’t subdue outraged 99-percenters, oh no! Just spread the love and the holy seed, the semen that shall re-fertilize Europe. My only problem […]

One On One With Lexi

I watched porn on the train. Yes, I know I’m pushing it, and some people won’t appreciate the idea. But let him who never did it cast the first stone. Or the first tissue – would be more useful right now. It may reassure you to know that I had stashed my smart-phone in my […]

Fell In Love With Daisy

(Almost) as Jack White used to spit it in his mike: “Fell in love with a netvideogirl, I fell in love once and almost completely”. For a good million years (10 years in Internet time), the porn-soldier behind NetVideoGirls has been shooting girls who fly down on porn as a butterfly would land on your […]

Tory Lane Is In My Ears and In My Eyes

Welcome! Just as I arrived on Pornhub, I found myself faced with the monstrous number of new videos posted while I was away. Too weary in advance to let chance lead my way, and suffering from a persistent charley horse, I just typed “anal POV”. Result: Tory Lane In Nice Anal POV, 990k views, 93% […]