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VirtualRealPorn: The Future Of Porn Will Be Virtual

At Le Tag Parfait, we see porn pragmatically. It’s just an excellent masturbatory support. With virtual reality, this support becomes a sensory porn experience and takes the viewer to a stunning realism. For now, few people are involved, except for VirtualRealPorn that offers content that is compatible with all helmets in the market even if the market doesn’t exist […]

Munk : « There’s too much Yoga music in electronic »

Three years after The Bird and the beat, the Berlin-based producer Munk, also known as Mathias Modica, is getting ready to release his fourth studio album in September. Described by the UK press as one of Germany’s most influencial electronic producers, Munk worked with some of the hippest, most talented musicians during his fifteen years career : LCD Soundsystem, […]

Meet Vex Ashley

The first time we saw Vex Ashley, she was drooling all over her friend Kim. We kinda liked it so we dived, head first, in her universe : Four Chambers. Our beardy Canadian friend Duff was absolutely amazed by Four Chambers, so he decided it was porn’s future. A few months ago, sexcam landed on our roof […]

Lance Hart : Quest For The Happy Pegging

Last year I had the chance to speak to Mickey Mod, who mentioned Lance Hart as a great kinky queer actor and producer to follow. Lance is 34 years old, got the cutest butt ever, and entered the gay porn industry just before turning 30 years old. He now produces some of the best femdom-ish […]

Doc, what are the risks related to extreme anal sex?

We spent so much time skulking on Efukt or Evil Angel we started wondering if all those extreme practices flourishing in porn weren’t a little harmful to the actors’ health. Since planet Earth revolves around the anus, and given how prolapsus is getting trendy these days, we needed some reliable and definitive medical advice on […]

Cindy Gallop: Pro #realworldsex

We first met the businesswoman Cindy Gallop last year in her ‘black apartment’, in NYC. At this time, MakeLoveNotPorn.TV was a secret project under construction. Now it is a video platform with a noble goal: showing the ‘real sex’, liberated from porn influence, more human, more opened to women… The approach may seem naive, it […]

Metro Zu: « That gel inspired all my music »

Metro Zu is one of the rap group representative of that new era coming from Miami, that all sweaty, booty, spiritual and vibing sex music. Recently, they travelled across our very own Europe on a journey in search of spiritual elevation, purple euro bills, soft pink matter and Mew. What came out as result of […]

Nice Porn For Nice People: Gay Sex on Mars

Avid reader of Big Shoe Diaries, gay porn actor with brains Colby Keller’s blog, I recently came across this photo featuring his famous kokigami hugging the hard cock of Grim Outlook, 30, one of the two actors in Liverpool-based Studio Adrianus upcoming gay porn film project, Gay Sex on Mars. I’ve always been interested in […]

Pornostagram: the Porn Social Network

Quentin Lechémia is an entrepreneur; blogger and creator of the My Band Market platform. He has just launched Pornostagram, a site that pretty much uses the principle of vintage photo filters, but bypasses Instagram’s censorship barrier. Beyond being a simple X version of Instagram, Pornostagram could become a real social network of porn. Therefore we […]

Lisa Sparks: « The tube sites have now killed porn »

Lisa Sparks (aka Lisa Sparxxx) is part of this generation of porn actresses that haunted our first 100GB hard drives. Her pulpy silhouette was already a welcome exception among the filiform Taylor Rain, Aurora Snow or Gauge. Lisa has now changed category, inexorably approaching curvy spheres far beyond the scope of my personal tastes in […]

Hanni El Khatib: Still In the Dirt

Hanni el Khatib is one of the last Californian rocker specimens: kind of honest, unlike some of his fellow being. After his first album Will The Guns Come Out, more garage than anything, he came back with a second album: Head In The Dirt. Bluesier than his first one, it was produced and recorded by […]