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I Became A VIP On Kink Virtual – Part 2

Hanging out at the office carrying out my editorial watch mission, I was about to go out and study the impact of the solar star’s sudden appearance on the length of Parisian skirts – some of the total-immersion report only I hold the secret of – when the boss had another idea. He held out […]

I Tried to Fuck For Free on Kink – Part1

Having a 3D avatar who gets laid is something that’s been possible for yonks now: who didn’t, in the early 2000’s, get a wicked pleasure making two Sims meet in a bed, and typing “move_objects on” in the cheat codes window to see what would happen under that damn eiderdown moving about to the weird […]

Advertising and Porn: Another Handshake

This is a little earthquake in the sweet world of porn on the internet: a brand of « mainstream » products advertised on a porn site – and guess what? The web didn’t explode. Who’s to thank for it? meundies.com. The brand had the guts to praise the virtues of its socks on a brand new Canadian site […]

I Feel (siente me): Calavera & Manya

A deep house beat, a loop of three chords scratched on a nylon string guitar, and a wise choice of images : summer is coming. You think about your next trip on any coast, hoping to have only the sun, friends and some wine to share your cocktails with, facing the sea, with the eyes sliding […]