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Cindy Gallop: Pro #realworldsex

We first met the businesswoman Cindy Gallop last year in her ‘black apartment’, in NYC. At this time, MakeLoveNotPorn.TV was a secret project under construction. Now it is a video platform with a noble goal: showing the ‘real sex’, liberated from porn influence, more human, more opened to women… The approach may seem naive, it […]

September 2013: Audrey

Born: 1986 City: Lille (France) What was your first erotic memory? Encrypted porn movies on french cable network, Canal+. There was something really exciting in the pixelated look of the images and in the altered sounds. What was your first pornographic movie? I was around eleven and it was a VHS tape hidden in my […]

Interview with Sandra Torralba

Le Perfect Tag did not offer me a round-trip ticket Paris-Madrid – SCANDAL. Fortunately, the Internet is the new America and millions of small Christopher Columbus 2.0 are working every day for the abolition of borders. This is the conquest of the modern world that allowed me to interview Sandra Torralba, a young Spanish photographer […]