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Munk : « There’s too much Yoga music in electronic »

Three years after The Bird and the beat, the Berlin-based producer Munk, also known as Mathias Modica, is getting ready to release his fourth studio album in September. Described by the UK press as one of Germany’s most influencial electronic producers, Munk worked with some of the hippest, most talented musicians during his fifteen years career : LCD Soundsystem, […]

Doc, what are the risks related to extreme anal sex?

We spent so much time skulking on Efukt or Evil Angel we started wondering if all those extreme practices flourishing in porn weren’t a little harmful to the actors’ health. Since planet Earth revolves around the anus, and given how prolapsus is getting trendy these days, we needed some reliable and definitive medical advice on […]

Guro: Extreme Hentai and Transgression

If you’ve hung about the Internet at least a bit, you must have heard about hentai. Whatever trick turns you on, even more so if you fancied C-18 when you were little, these porn mangas and anime were made just for you. But beyond the so-called “classic” fantasies, they also stage the most unusual – […]

RR Marquez: PAWG In Your Face

RR Marquez is a motorcycle big engine’s lover and a big booty fan. Two passions he has united under the watchful eye of a Youtube channel. Girls and Big Engine, well… It’s kinda already done no? But it happens that RR Marquez is also an handful dude, so he attached a GoPro on the backside […]