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A Sextoy into Space > Sandra Bullock

Someone named « SpaceGuy » had the fabulous idea to send the first ever Sextoy in the space. Unless the NASA is hiding us some information on how they are curing the loneliness of the Asstronauts during their journey in the space (Wikileaks, please tell us!) SpaceGuy simply attached a glorious black dildo to a structure with […]

Orange Is the New Black

It’s a trend, whether Eric Cartman likes it or not, Ron Howard is not anymore the only Ginger’s pride in the hood, we are in a red-wave and it spreads everywhere on your screens. #RedPower #BetterRedThanDead Ginger Girls: I LOVE YOU… Despite the facts they have no soul or they are most likely Witches, I’ve […]

Miley Cyrus: Million Dollar Baby!

This week we’ve seen a pretty cool proposal done to Miley Cyrus. GameLink offered her one million dollar to direct her own porn flick (without any word backs from the concerned). About Miley Unless you live somewhere lost in the time (lucky you!), everyone has seen recently that the ex-Disney kid’s idol has finally been through her […]

Form Porn: Abstract Bodyscapes

Within the endless pictorial dump that is Tumblr, most of the time you burn your eyes (and your life) on useless streams of stuff that fluctuate in between shit and crap. But time to time, you fall on some special content that is weird enough to appeal your curiosity and makes your scrolling febrile like […]

Hiérophante – Marketing

Hiérophante is a 3D graphic Designer who is interested in the Internet’s culture. Assuming that artists are not actually creating content but only recycling what’s already done, he’s using  some marketing’s caption mixed with elements from known Porn’s production and Tumblr’s anonymous content to create this unique video music called « Marketing » (first creation of a […]