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Feelup Records : $extape – Danish Porn Mixtape

$extape is the creation of two Danish musicians: Birk Storm and Stina Kinck. Earlier this year, they released « Danish Porn Mixtape » signed by Feel Up Records  (label of Jillionaire // Major Lazer). The idea started from a meeting while touring, and ended up by a record session in Copenhagen where Bad Decision came to life. A pure […]

VirtualRealPorn: The Future Of Porn Will Be Virtual

At Le Tag Parfait, we see porn pragmatically. It’s just an excellent masturbatory support. With virtual reality, this support becomes a sensory porn experience and takes the viewer to a stunning realism. For now, few people are involved, except for VirtualRealPorn that offers content that is compatible with all helmets in the market even if the market doesn’t exist […]

Meet Vex Ashley

The first time we saw Vex Ashley, she was drooling all over her friend Kim. We kinda liked it so we dived, head first, in her universe : Four Chambers. Our beardy Canadian friend Duff was absolutely amazed by Four Chambers, so he decided it was porn’s future. A few months ago, sexcam landed on our roof […]

Jessie Andrews (ft. Comets We Fall) – You Won’t Forget Tonight

In 2014, Porn can be a professional springboard, a job like any other and Jessie Andrews is a perfect example. At the moment, if she’s not Porn-wise very active, it is because she’s focusing on her new main business: music. Regularly, she releases some songs and she posts her » Girlfriend mix  » on her Soundcloud. […]

The Will To Love: Ana Foxxx

I approach tubes with an intense passion. Sometimes we hold hands as if nothing could harm us, other times I feel like dumping them and crack the Konami code of my credit card to subscribe to all the paying sites in the world. Sometimes I love you, sometimes you make me blue, we shall stand […]

Porn Stars Against Internet

When she was nineteen, Siri knew she wanted to be a Porn Star. Four years later, she moved to the San Fernando Valley to live the dream and immediately shot her very first scene with Reality King. It was in February 2012 and six month later, she performed in more than eighteen videos. This is […]

ODEI: Kumo

ODEI is a French band composed of three musicians: Biscay (drums), Hoarau (keyboards and vibraphone) and Matthys (synthesizers). Under the collective Moï Moï, they create a unique universe in between acoustic music and electronic improvisation. In the same vein as Aufgang or Zombie Zombie, they delivering to our ears some organic and sensual textures. Indeed, they might […]

Bobbi Starr – Winter Squirting

The terrible news just came in. It might look like fall, but winter is indeed here, sad and lonely like a man crying in the street. For the sensitive souls, this most detestable season is like a never ending non-summer, a cowardly relinquishment, a 6-month long reverse spinning. Desperate times call for desperate measures: debauchery, […]

German Anal, Finger Heart

At Le Tag Parfait’s very source, a long, long time ago, lay an observation: as far as anal (only in french, ed)  was concerned, the Germans knew one thing or two we obviously didn’t, especially when it came to homemade. How many of you learned their language through YouPorn? And did you know that it was precisely […]

Robin: Auditioning Love

Annoyers pass your way! This Fap Parfait includes several terms that could scare off the most sensitive souls among you: urchin cut, dreadlocks, pubic hair. As for the others, do stay, for what follows could well be one of the biggest successes of the genie hiding behind Net Video Girls. Robin is all about love, […]

Lezley Zen, Keep Calm

Here at Le Tag Parfait, everyone is fighting his or her own corner. For instance Jizzkov cheers for the “sensitive” team, GrosMikko for the “performance” team and Guilhem for the “barely legal” team. Personally, I’m an all-time member of the “tension” team, when fiction takes reality by the hand and pulls it one level up. […]

December 2013: Alex

Year 1995 City Paris (France) First picture/video that aroused you? Actually I didn’t really have one. Or maybe just a totally imaginary picture I had in mind, it’s a bit silly. When I was 14-15, I had this erotic dream, I was wearing a garter belt and I thought it was sublime. To be one’s […]

Rebeca Linares: Ding Dong Corrida

Madrid, Spain, land of my fantasies. A single word coming out of a Spanish girl’s mouth is all it takes for a tonfa to rise in my slim pants, and that woody won’t subdue outraged 99-percenters, oh no! Just spread the love and the holy seed, the semen that shall re-fertilize Europe. My only problem […]

Fell In Love With Daisy

(Almost) as Jack White used to spit it in his mike: “Fell in love with a netvideogirl, I fell in love once and almost completely”. For a good million years (10 years in Internet time), the porn-soldier behind NetVideoGirls has been shooting girls who fly down on porn as a butterfly would land on your […]

Tory Lane Is In My Ears and In My Eyes

Welcome! Just as I arrived on Pornhub, I found myself faced with the monstrous number of new videos posted while I was away. Too weary in advance to let chance lead my way, and suffering from a persistent charley horse, I just typed “anal POV”. Result: Tory Lane In Nice Anal POV, 990k views, 93% […]