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My Unsuccessful Quest For The Perfect Kinbaku Porn

I’ve been modeling as a “rope bunny” for almost two years now, however I never found any porn including Japanese bondage (also known as Kinbaku) that I really enjoyed. Lately I have been asking the boss (my official porn dealer) to find me some videos including the emotional and challenging act of tying AND the penetration. He has been […]

Lance Hart : Quest For The Happy Pegging

Last year I had the chance to speak to Mickey Mod, who mentioned Lance Hart as a great kinky queer actor and producer to follow. Lance is 34 years old, got the cutest butt ever, and entered the gay porn industry just before turning 30 years old. He now produces some of the best femdom-ish […]

ROPE : Eric Minh Swenson loves bondage

Eric Minh Swenson is a Los Angeles-based filmmaker and photographer who works mainly on the the contemporary Southern California BDSM and art scene. His new project called ROPE is a film about… well, as you guessed, ropes and bondage, featuring the rigger and rope artist Damon Pierce and his rope bunnies. ROPE will be filmed […]