Gifs Of The Week #33

Hunting the Gifs all week long, I have to wake up at dawn at least three times a week to not miss a thing. Sluggards please abstain yourself. To catch a proper Gif you need skills and a sharp eye able to detect when one of them innocently wanders in between cats pictures. You casually scroll, roaming and whistling. Then, suddenly you hit it with your best shot and isolate it within the corner of a new tab. It’s time now to give it the coup de grâce and download it on your machine. This week, amongst my living trophy we have: Alexis Crystal and Nikita, Mona Wales in latex, and Jessie Andrews.


Sharing a beautiful cock without making jealous is not an easy business. Right now, Nikita clearly has the advantage, but we can’t underestimate Alexis Crystal who will make her comeback quickly. We can see she’s holding her friend’s butt, to be helpful, but to better pull it out in the following minutes.

Alexis Crystal and Nikita, Join Us, WowGirls


Latex doesn’t look that badass when it comes in pastel leggings. You can even do up-and-down, the dick cuts like a hot knife through butter on this shiny mater. Can you believe it? Or did they put some lube ?

Mona Wales and John Smith, Latex Cock Stroke, Divine Bitches


What a nice feat that fucking on the armset of a sofa, but we feel that it’s a tricky balance and Justin Owen’s arse show some marks. We can note that this performance is giving us an opportunity to admire the very nice house’s decoration. This is something rare in the Porn landscape.

Bill Taylor and Justin Owen pour RandyBlue


As if by magic, Jessie Andrews  reappears on my dashboard. It’s been a long time since the last time I saw her cutie face on Tumblr. This time, she’s with Bonnie Rotten, Dana Deardmon and Jodi Taylor, a fucking nice pick!

Jessie Andrews and Dana Dearmond, Jessie Loves Girls, Sweetheart Video


Noelle Easton is truly blowing away Danny D. Look at him, he looks like knocked out by this demonstration. It’s hard to compete with her.

Noelle Easton et Danny D,The Life Of The Party, Brazzers

Translated by Duff

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