Gifs Of The Week #32

For now on, driving the wisdom’s path, I allow myself a quick detour on the gif’s highway pushing the scrolling’s gear to the fourth speed. Reaching 120 posts per seconds on my dashboard, Tumblr is on the blink and any reblog is risky. When it comes to find the gifs sources, you are moving into dark roads, inexorably leading to a dead end. In the old days, Tumblr was a calm lane with fewer posts. It was a ride where you could scroll with respects and where the hash-tag search was revealing a slick and neat roads of pictures stretching out to the horizon.

The world changed, but I’m cool with giving a ride to Adria and Tiffany, Nikki Darling, Harley Dean and Kristina Rose. We had a good run together and now it’s time I leave them here to you. Please take care of them.


It’s Strapless Dildo time!  Looks cool but I’m doubtfull about fucking on a latex sheet. This matter has no middle ground and, in a snap it passes from a second skin feeling to a water-slide.

Adria and Tiffany, Freshly Oiled Pussies are Happy Pussies, Strapless Dildo


What a beautiful gif, but there’s no way to find the source. Especially since Gifperv closed down. I’ve got a name: Nikki Darling. Knowing her style, I would guide you to the Kink castle and their The Upper Floor section where red curtains and vintage sofas are legion.

Nikki Darling on Kink.


I’m disappointed not to see Manuel’s face here, but this is the goal of a POV eh!  Facing the camera, Harley Bean is center stage and it’s enough for me to make me forget the rest. Though, it’s a BIG no-no for the fluo pink fishnet.

Manuel Ferrara and Harley Dean, Manuel’s Fucking POV, Jules Jordan Video


I must admit I thought I already saw everything in terms of sex positions. But Krisitina Rose proves me wrong when she takes control of Nacho Vidal’s stick. Which shows that Porn makes you learn every day.

Kristina Rose and Nacho Vidal, Jules Jordan


Losing yourself in the soft blue of Megan’s eye is like diving in the deep of a warm sea of fantasy. This glance is a pure adrenaline shot. So, I can imagine that touching her breast is like an intravenous fix of happiness.

Megan Rain, Let’s Try Anal, Mofos

Cover photo: Tereza Kacerova by Miko Lim

Translated by Duff

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