Archives du mois dejanvier 2015

Gifs Of The Week #32

For now on, driving the wisdom’s path, I allow myself a quick detour on the gif’s highway pushing the scrolling’s gear to the fourth speed. Reaching 120 posts per seconds on my dashboard, Tumblr is on the blink and any reblog is risky. When it comes to find the gifs sources, you are moving into […]

Gifs Of The Week #31

As the boss says, life goes on. As shocked as I could be by the recent events in France, I went back to my job and I tried to find a sort of comfort in my scrolling habits. My heart wasn’t really there, but I sought into my pictorial stash to dig out Dillion Harper’s glance, […]

Gifs Of The Week #30

2015 is here and I hadn’t time to hold my breath that this new year came. Personally, I’m not a new year resolution’s girl, I’m exercising whenever I can and I won’t give up on fat food or increase my vegetables consumption.  I’m just gonna keep going my way because I don’t know what else […]