Gifs Of The Week #29

During this quite studious week, I allowed myself a midweek break to look for my gifs. Scrolling amuck, I could see myself going as far back as my posts of last week, or even further, as long as my right hand would let me indulge in this sweet frenzy. But my finger fapping got curtailed when the supposedly infinite scroll bluntly stopped, without any explanation or obvious cause, leaving me stunned, facing an ultimate post by Terry Richardson, just to hack me off some more. Only a paltry harvest remained to lift my frustrated spirits. Then again, between Silvie Deluxe, the clothing ventures of Maric Hase, the whirling dervish serving as a dick to Danny D., and gorgeous Lucy LI, I honestly had nothing to complain about.

silvie-deluxe-naomie-montana-x-art gif 1

Although rather cute, this gif lacks the matchless legs of Silvie Deluxe. Even if I do wonder if the camera could have taken in her miles-long pins in a single shot. I wouldn’t bet on that.

Silvie Deluxe and Naomie Montana, She’s not alone, X-Art


While London Keyes gets by reasonably well with props limited to a dildo stuck in her cleavage, Marica Hase isn’t favored by the costume. I pray I’ll never enter the sick mind of the dude who decided to slip that tutu and those ugly socks to her. I’m sure it’s an evil mess in there.

London Keyes and Marica Hase, Fucking Girsl #8, Evil Angel


Bruce Venture shall not let anything get in the way between him and delicious Holly Michaels. Not even an innocent white body, that ends up torn apart. But then again, it will never be enough said that, unless it’s got the suitable openings, a body is never convenient for flesh lovers.

Holly Michaels and Bruce Venture, Walk Into Sex, Passion HD


Danny resorts to his usual enticement technique: do the helicopter with his dick. He should be careful! One day it might skip out, and take off to new horizons, which would obviously make Teanna Trump really sad.

Teanna Trump and Danny D, Look who’s cumming for dinner, Brazzers


Lucy Li is, to my eyes, what Challah bread is to my mouth: pure delight. He who never snatched a chunk of that sublime braided brioche and never had his palate indulge in its mellow and yellow inside cannot grasp the sweetness of the fairest clouds (or Lucy Li’s, for that matter).

Lucy Li, Sexual Extasy, Daring Sex


Cover photo: Mark Harless


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