The Eastern Remedy: Misha Cross

September is this very month of the year smelling a disturbing fragrance of fresh rotten work routine and dying tree leafs. Yeah right, you’re back to your normal working activities, everyone in your office talk about their amazing summertime and, you can’t help thinking yours sucked donkey asses.


It was mostly raining and anyway, the idea of gathering before the night somewhere with a bunch greasy tourists was definitively not appealing. As a party animal, you were always on the top-notch dance-floors spots to entertain yourself. But, despite your race to festivities, you morosely ended up discovering that you were now totally immune to enthusiasm (also you might be a moron). You tried hard to fight this fact. We think you were secretly jealous of these people around you getting super eager about nothing and during three months you felt like living in the first 150 pages of a Bret Easton Ellis novel.


Anxious about an imminent nervous breakdown, you did tried to feel some frenzy spirit by surrounding yourself with more and more enthusiastic people. They all look like if they were high on life, but somehow your fake smile systematically betrayed your apathetic discomfort and repugnance in the middle of this cheering super-positive crowd. You just looked like Grumpy cat hanging out with Nyan cats… With shame and despair, you even organized a Pharell Williams « Happy » video lip-sync, to keep up the good spirit: pathetic.


Yes, you were trapped in a weird addiction to other people’s eagerness and you realized this will never get you high. You show all the symptoms of a nonchalant boredom. Gosh, whats a terrible flat summer of yours. Its summit stood in between  the Minaj’s Anaconda video and the super massive internet’s convulsion created by the « Fappening« . We know you touched yourself on JLaw pictures. Nowadays, who do fap on still pictures? People from the past. You are just getting old, take a look at your music playlist and your “recently watched movies” on Netflix.


You need to stop to ingest all Benzodiazepines derivates, wash your eyes and chillax. At le Tag Parfait we might have a solution to make you forget you are aging and get rid of this accumulated frustration you have. We would like to introduce you to a delight of a girl called Misha Cross. A 23 years old Polish babe who started to shoot in early 2013. As usual, if you want to know more, you can follow her on the now indispensable Twitter and Instagram




The first time I saw Misha was on a video-interview done by Erika Lust for X-Confession. There was something quite special about her that caught my interest. This ease, this energy, this smile, these eyes, this attitude… She’s some kind of ultimate altgirl next door and she she looks like a fantastic mix in between Sasha Grey and Leanna Decker.





Misha Cross




She has the insatiable behavior and detached temper of a Sasha Grey (and the eyebrows) and the beauty lines of a Leanna Decker. We won’t say more, it’s time now to take your Polish pills!

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