Gifs Of The Week #27

Morning is coming to an end, and I still haven’t digested last night’s Butter Chicken. Stranded on my couch, I think about all the good meals only waiting to be swallowed into my tiny stomach, and hope for the chicken to finally move, in the right direction if possible. Today is going to be a zero day: besides the obvious and painful lack of empty space in my belly, yesterday’s summer sun vanished behind driving rain. All that’s left for me to do now is to pray for a better tomorrow, with a nice surprise in it.

On the Gifs side, I went for Rémy Lacroix and Montana Sky fighting over the Most Majestic Rump Award, Jayden Taylor using whipped cream for non-pastry purposes, and Wow Girl Hannah objecting to plunging into the pool.

porn stars crazy about fucking bangbros remy lacroix

Rémy is a princess. That’s why guys are ready to move mountains only to please her and her friends. As it happens, they moved a dildo-endowed Plexiglas slab. However, in my opinion, choosing a translucent device remains debatable.

Remy LaCroix, Porn Stars Crazy About Fucking, Bangbros

montana sky nice piece of ass

Montana Sky’s buttocks aren’t there for fun. Looks like their soft and supple texture is going to wrap you up in its infinite tenderness. A bit like Flubber, the impish best friend you never had.

Montana Sky, Nice Piece of Ass, Streetblowjob

jayden taylor - zishy

Jayden Taylor’s secret ingredient? Playfully displayed Chantilly cream. Though she seems to savor it quite wisely here, I’m sure she emptied the whole spray can. And I bet the bedspread enjoyed its share too.

Jayden Taylor, Zishy

ass parade bangbros

OK, the body-painters didn’t strain themselves. The botched result only very remotely reminds us of the jerseys of Argentina and Brazil. Sure both teams appreciated this subtle encouragement during the roughest moments, inside the World Cup stadiums and out.

Destiny et Angelina, Ass Parade, Bangbros

hannah wowgirls la piscine

Maybe Hannah is allergic to chlorine, or she only wants to stay dry. The fact remains that she won’t be the one taking a dip, and will stay on the pool deck. But her whim doesn’t seem to restrict her partner’s enthusiasm, or imagination.

Hannah, The Pool, WowGirls

Cover photo: Loren Kemp by Jake Rosenberg for Fleur du Mal

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