Basement Jaxx: All is Full of Twerk

Basement Jaxx

English electro-music band. Noise maker, laboratory and robot lovers which didn’t bring anything fresh to the music game for a while now (they were awesome 10 years ago!).



Subtle dance move. The art of shaking your bum like a boss. Modern hypnosis. If you never heard of it you shall move back to planet Earth (or stay were you are, it’s safer).


When you mix both of them, you are right to think that we will have another Twerkish Delight video with some juicy booty. Nope, this time there’s no Miley Cyrus or Russian Goddesses involved here and it’s better like this because we already passed the step of the overdose a few months ago.


Basement Jaxx’s last song is called Never say Never. I was thinking they would have chose it as a reference to Justin Bieber’s epic motion picture, but we are far from it. Snap, did you missed the Bieb movie? No fucking way! You know nothing about cinema… It’s like a manhood mix of Glitter (Mariah Carey), Spice World (Spice girls) and Crossroad (Britney Spears). Only the very best, we all shall worship!


Well, the Basement Jaxx’s Never say Never (feat EMTL) takes place in a sanitized semi-futuristic Japanese atmosphere. We are face to face with some scientist creating a robotic twerking ass. In a world where dance is disappearing, this Twerk machine could bring back dance to mankind. It’s name is: TW3RK-BOT.

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Our questions:
What would Isaac Asimov do?
Why the hell did they call it Never say Never?

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