Munk : « There’s too much Yoga music in electronic »

Three years after The Bird and the beatthe Berlin-based producer Munk, also known as Mathias Modica, is getting ready to release his fourth studio album in September. Described by the UK press as one of Germany’s most influencial electronic producers, Munk worked with some of the hippest, most talented musicians during his fifteen years career : LCD Soundsystem, Boys Noize, Etienne de Crecy and many, many others. This Saturday, Mathias Modica will be playing in Paris for the Social Club’s Walking Machine party. We couldn’t miss this opportunity to ask him a few questions.

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What’s your hottest memory during a party?
Maybe when I was invited to play in a big fashion show, a few years ago, in Milano. The night before, I had some fish for lunch. The fish was bad and I got diarreah. I was shitting all night long, every hour. The show was in the next morning. The theme of the show was white clothes. I arrived at the venue, they gave me all white clothes. The DJ booth was at the end of the catwalk. And behind me: 150 photographers, with their cameras pouted on my white trousers.

This was the hottest point of my DJ carrier. Nothing happened, I was empty already, hahah.

I was listening to an old interview back in 2009 and you were saying that funk will be back in music next years. Is it true in 2014?
Good question. Yes, it’s coming back with funky Berlin producers like Max Graef, who melts funk in house music, Axel Boman, who does the funk in techno, many house producers doing old school influenced tracks that are very funky… Even the EDM and the terrible american dance music are full of funk. But at the same time, the commercial electronic music – the deep house, the Resident Advisor top 10 – that’s quite without funk… No? I hope they find the funk again… Because right now there’s too much Yoga music in electronic and deep house.

What do you prefer: dirty funk or pervert italo disco?
Dirty funk as aperitif and pervert disco as dessert.

Do you think that a track must be sensual and sexual to be effective on the dance floor?
Many people don’t understand a DJ has to play for the girls, because if the girls dance, the boys stay. But there is nothing worse than a party where only the boys have fun. The girls want sensual music, music that you can feel with your butt, not with yout legs only. Just watch EDM parties: 80% men. Because the music is effective but not sensual…

Do you think music, like fashion, advertising and cinema, is influenced by porn culture ?
Your question, baby! The problem is, there are too many nerds doing electronic music and nerds watching YouPorn don’t do sexy music. The difference with fashion is: in fashion you have lot of girls being influenced by porn and sex. Thats better… Haha.

What’s your favorite track to kick out the dancefloor and make people sweat?
Getting naked myself. Once every 10 years…

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