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The first time we saw Vex Ashley, she was drooling all over her friend Kim. We kinda liked it so we dived, head first, in her universe : Four Chambers. Our beardy Canadian friend Duff was absolutely amazed by Four Chambers, so he decided it was porn’s future. A few months ago, sexcam landed on our roof like a sucker punch in our face ; this sudden enlightenment revealed another aspect of Vex Ashley we hadn’t seen yet. She comes from England and graduated in fine art, she creates with her body and you can find her all over the (great) Internet: GodsGirls, Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, Chaturbate, MyFreeCams… She’s a prime, uninhibited example of our youth, breast-fed by love and the Internet. 

Four Chambers and Vimeo are somewhat fighting each other right now, but Vimeo seems pretty compliant. What are the rules to post explicit material on their website? 
We’ve always worried that one day they might have a problem with us. It definitely took longer than we expected but recently there have been so many of our friends in the porn world who have been completely removed without warning that we were sure we would be gone. Actually it’s not really been a war at all! They have been really helpful since my email and asked us to either re-edit or remove certain videos they’ve identified as too explicit AND given us a decent time frame to do it with it. We are really lucky that they are understand and lenient with nudity at all considering how strict youtube etc are. Ideally there would be a Vimeo for erotica but unfortunately we have to play by their rules at the moment.

After I asked them to clear up exactly what wasn’t acceptable and they said:

« Vimeo does not allow videos that contain explicit depictions of nudity or sexual acts, nor do we allow videos that seem primarily focused on sexual stimulation.

To be more explicit (no pun intended), videos that depict rubbing and caressing of naked breasts are likely to raise flags with us, and manipulation of genital and/or posterior anatomy is another big red flag. »

We decided on twitter that ‘manipulation of posterior anatomy’ would be a good band name.


Do you have any upcoming projects?
We are still working on a few videos, one from a trip to Paris to work with the film director Ortie and one from New York where we shot with Owen Gray again. We are hoping to travel again next month to shoot more, porn is such a good excuse to book a holiday. I’m also working on the next issue of the print publication and hopefully properly launching the website sometime soon.

What does local english porn look like?
Honestly? I have no idea. As far as I’ve seen most UK porn is way behind the what’s being made in the rest of Europe and the US. It just seems old-fashioned to me. I can’t say I’m really aware of it, but if anyone has any good recommendations?

Do you think there’s still room for “classic” porn? Is it time to try something really new?
I think there’s room for all kinds of porn. It’s just that at the moment there’s an over-saturation of a particular kind of pornography that is mostly designed for one type of consumer. That means it tends to come from one narrow perspective and quickly gets repetitive. We not only need greater variety but we need to change the way we think about the purpose of porn; It doesn’t have to be just about jerking off it can be much much more than that. There’s so much potential in the medium, it’s a very exciting time.
You’re on the edge of porn with Four Chambers, you’re a camgirl, you’re a model…

How would you define your line of work?
It’s hard to explain. I usually say I’m part of a creative pornography project and I’m a cam girl. I guess it’s easier to just say “sex work” but then I somehow feel like that’s a badge you have to earn. I don’t want to shy away from identifying Four Chambers as porn. I’m proud to! Sometimes it is explicit and sometimes it’s not but it’s always about sexuality. The term “porn” doesn’t have to be reserved for gang bangs and gaping buttholes.

Where are you getting you inspiration? A book, a musician, another model…?
The name ‘Four Chambers’ is adapted from the title of an Anais Nin book.
The internet means I’m constantly connected to inspiring people, it’s magical.

I watch a lot of films and that definitely influences how we shoot. The thing that sex scenes can do in cinema is capture an atmosphere without showing anything explicit. Also it might sound silly but music videos! The way they combine visuals and beats. Music really influences mood. Sometimes I say we just make 4 minute pop videos with pussy.


You’re doing camshows on MyFreeCams, but you’re mostly using Chaturbate. Cam4 also has its fans. What are the differences between these websites? Do they have the same public?
I was definitely surprised when I started camming how different the tippers were to my preconceptions. Most people who actually tip and support you always treat you with respect.

The sites have minor differences, Chaturbate is really great because it’s more inclusive. It features couples and trans people, anyone can get on cam. Sometimes you can just see some guys playing guitar or painting.

My Free Cams is where the super hot, popular cheer leaders would hang out at school. It’s got a more competitive way of rating the models so there’s a race to climb the rankings. I enjoy camming on both but Chaturbate will always be home to me because it’s where I began my cam girl life.

I worked a few shifts on Cam4 and it was kinda crazy. A lot of “fuck ass bb” guys. The room numbers moved up so quickly but no one was actually having good conversation. I’m sure some people have a good time on there but it didn’t seem like it was for me! The community of a camsite is important.


What advice would you give to those who want to get into sexcaming?
Well this is just me, everyone does camming differently.

– First off, make sure you are really really really sure you want to be naked on the internet. Information lasts forever and you have to be prepared for everyone you know to find out and possibly see you AND (sadly) the kind of judgements that might come with it. You have to be proud of what you do.

– Don’t be pressured into doing anything that makes you uncomfortable, no matter how much money someone’s offering. It’s important to remember that one of the best thing about camming is that you are completely in control.

– Be a person, not a product.

– Have fun with it and be original. There are more and more cams online everyday so if you can do something that marks you out it  catches people’s attention. Watch other cams for inspiration but create a room and show that’s personal to you.

– Don’t think it’s all about sex. If people went to cam sites just for sex they could just go to one of the endless supply of porntubes. Camming works best when it is about interacting, creating a community and live experience that people want to be a part of. And of course, invest in a good camera, good lighting and good lube.

How do you feel about custom porn? Websites like Clips4sale or Extralunch Money?
They’re the only way for independent or amateur pornographers to have some control over promoting their content instead of selling it to big companies so I’m all for it. They are the Etsy of porn. Anything that decentralizes the profit and puts more control with the individual is good by me. It’s the future!


You sometimes get some very generous tips. How do you feel when someone tips you 12 000 tokens, for example?
It’s like getting a wonderful surprise gift. Often you get speechless (something that, if you know me, is pretty strange). Sometimes it feels like “why me? why do I deserve this!”. When it happens I just feel lucky to have such generous supporters. It’s not all about the huge tips but because camming can be so up and down they are the icing on the cake. It makes me smile for hours afterward.

What kind of relationship do you have with very generous tippers?
Well interestingly enough, the guy who tipped 12,000 I never saw again! It was a tip and run. But there have been guys who have tipped higher who are really good cam friends. It totally depends on the person, I think a big skill in camming is learning to read people and knowing how to make them feel good. I think the people who tip a lot get pleasure from doing something nice for someone else, it’s not often about them wanting something in return. I want to make sure that they feel appreciated in return. I try to do something special and personal for that person. When they spend a lot of time in your cam room you end up knowing them well and they get to know you too.


Do you let your cats watch your cam shows? What do they think about it?
All the time, they are both camwhores. They always show butt hole for free. A few times they have walked in front of the cam mid-orgasm.

What are you doing when you’re not using your computer or social networks?
Going on adventures.
Filling my house full of weird, useless shit from antique fairs.
Exploring in abandoned buildings taking pictures.
Watching Ru Paul’s Drag race.
Eating food.
I pet a lot of cats.


We love music and porn, would you create a playlist for us?

This is the soundtrack to me awkwardly seducing you.

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