Oldie but Goodie: Russ Meyer Girls

The legend says that Russ Meyer lost his virginity in a French Brothel with a large breasted lady (during WWII). This was a gift from Ernest Hemingway, who offered a lady to Russ when he discovered he was still a pristin boy. We can  guess this event marked forever the young Meyer and possibly trigged his remarkable obsession for big breasts. A passion for the boobs that later lead him be proclaimed “The King of the Nudies”.

Russ Meyer and Uschi Digard

Russ and Uschi Digard

Russ Meyer and Kitten Natividad

Russ and Kitten Natividad

Russ Meyer was one of the most famous Sexploitation film directors of the 60’s 70’s era. With movies such as the cult-classic Faster Pussycat! Kill Kill, he marked its time, dynamiting the conventions and this both on a thematic and creative levels.

[youtuber youtube=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m3JjyvQzSJI#t=38′]

Some would say he was just another perv shooting Softcore Porn to slack its sexual fantasy. But Meyer went deeper than the naked layer and without concession, he shown in some flicks a very inventive and unique cinematographic language (extreme framing, fast editing). It was always tinted of rock’n’roll, violence, motor-speed and nonsense sessions, with themes such as  moral /sexual liberalization and women empowerment. The keystones of Meyer’s filmography are indeed women, whom are most of the time portrayed as physically, mentally and sexually dominant characters (compared to men). Meyer created a unique style which influenced a whole generation of movie makers. For instance, you can check or re-check Grindhouse movies:  Death Proof / Planet Terror, made by Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez. Both movies are widely inspired by some Meyer’s work.


Because of his quite obvious aesthetic body-preferences (bigger boobs are the best boobs), Russ Meyer worked a lot with planturous pin-ups models. Also, he discovered opulent talents in some  go-go-dance clubs and make them featuring in its movies. It’s the case of one of its fetish actress: Haji (Barbarella Catton). This Canadian born glamorous beauty was discovered by Russ Meyer in a topless bar and played in many of its movie:  Motorpsycho (1965), Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! (1965), Good Morning and… Goodbye! (1967), and Supervixens (1975).


Haji lollipop


Haji gif bouncing

haji gif jumping

Haji gif laughing

Haji gif riding

Haji gif smirk


 Shari Eubank and Christi Hartburg, are two other memorable Meyer’s beauties. They both played in Super Vixens. People especially remember Christi’s killer smile and boobs, because she adorned on the main movie poster with its killer boobs and savage smile. But Shari is fantastic too…

Russ Meyer's Supervixens

Supervixens movie poster

Shari Eubank telephone

Shari Eubank

Sharie Eubank Supervixens

Christy Hartburg cleavage

Christy Hartburg

[youtuber youtube=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aNlIrU272J4′]
Christy Hartburg_Supervixen_Gif

Shari eubank


shari eubank

On the massive boobs side, Meyer took in three of its movie a Swedish goddess called: Uschi Digard. She was a very well know busty babe of the 60’s and 70’s period and she featured in a lots of magazines and erotic movies. She has done as well some Pornographic flick including with Kitten Natavidad. Who is another Meyer’s actress, Mexican pin-up and ex-partner of Russ. She was introduced to him by Shari Eubank (small world of the nude beauty).

Uschi bare tits

Uschi pool gif

Kitten nude in the grass

Kitten Moral Majority gif

Uschi digar portrait

Uschi black and white portrait

Uschi Meet supersoul

Kitten Naatividad hairy

Kitten  Natividad and Russ Meyer

Uschi titjob

kitten natividad kitchen

Beneath the valley of the ultravixens

Kitten and Uschi foursome

Kitten and Uschi

Uschi sucking tit

Uschi Diane magazine

Uschi high heels

Uschi black and white bed

Catholic High school girls in trouble

Kitten big ass lamp

The legendary Kitten Natividad

Russ Meyer was a true legend. Unfortunately, he died in 2004 (RIP) leaving behind him tons of mighty stories and a legacy of breastacular models. If you want to know more about him, you can check this out and of course you can watch all of its stuff here. Among its cult movies, I would recommend you to absolutely watch the mockumentary Mondo Topless which is a foundation in Meyer’s filmography (style, music, babes). Meanwhile, we will leave you with some other pics of Meyer’s beauties.

Phyliis Davis

Phyllis Davis

Confessions of a sexy supervixen

Tura Satana

Tura Satana

June Wilkinson

June Wilkinson

Erica Gavin

Erica Gavin

Vincene Wallace

Vincene Wallace

Vincene Wallace and Erica gavin

Vincene Wallace and Erica gavin

Lorna Maitland

Lorna Maitland

Edy Williams

Edy Williams

Dolly Read

Dolly Read

Edy Williams

Edy Williams

Eve Meyer (yes it was his wife!)

Eve Meyer (yes it was his wife!)

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