Oldie but Goodie: Michelle Angelo

Legends such as Lauren BacallSophia Loren, Jane Fonda, Raquel Welch, Pam Grier, Faye Dunaway, Brigitte Bardot or Marilyn Monroe and many others, show you that every decades has its super icons. Yes, physical beauty fades with time but when you plunge yourself in the frames of some classical movies or in the pages of some men’s magazine from the Playboy’s golden era, you realize that beauty stays vivid and alive forever. Because when your eyes scour these pictures from another age, time stops and doesn’t matter anymore. Indeed, the vanishment of time is a condicio sine qua non to seize the immanent beauty of the things.

1888 Harpers 25 001

Therefore we would like to celebrate, discover or recall the glamour of the old fashion beauties through a series of posts called: « Oldie but Goodie« . It might be you parents or grand-parents former time muses and standards we will talk about, but some unknown babes, vintage models and other stars from the 40’s to the 80’s worth having a look at. Today we opened some old Stag, Sir, Knight, Cavalier and other Adam magazines to find out more about a babe called Michelle Angelo.


Michelle is the typical 60’s pinup. Petite Texan bombshell born in 1945, she’s a crossover in between a voluptuous vixen and an everyday girl from next to your door (You wish!). She has one of the most fantastic natural big breasts ever, crowned with a lovely and recognizable pair of puffy nipples. In fact she’s one of the most recognizable nude models of the 1960 decade because of the enormous quantity of photos published during her short modelling career (hundreds of magazine sets  from 1966 to 1968).

Michelle 10

Michelle 03

In 1968 she appeared twice in Playboy and she features recently in the famous The Big Book of Breasts. Also, she worked as an actress for a few sexploitations movies and she was as well a nude dancer in popular L.A clubs like Whiskey A-Go-Go or Honey Bunny. Gosh, these tits are timeless. Scroll to the end to have a little bonus!



Michell_Angelo - 001


Michelle 05



Michelle Angelo Marilyn Davis2223

Michelle 06

Michelle 04

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