Efukt: Imagination Land

Last week I saw Forest Gump for the umpteenth time and I can’t help thinking about this moment where Forest is sitting on this bench saying: « Mama always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get. » Damn right Forest! But what about these tons of gross untasty chocolate that you don’t really want to eat? But you do because maybe you will find a good one in the box. Come on! It’s misplaced curiosity, there’s no magic in it and it’s how America became sick fat! Well guys, it’s the same sad story with Porn: it’s mostly no taste shit and it makes America a bipolar sick land. Indeed, I even tend to think bad taste is better than no taste.


Now, throw away the shit chocolate box, kill the Easter white bunny and prepare yourself for an Efukt session. The third part of « Porn Scenes Worthy of an Oscar » is a sumptuous mix of Porn’s best scripted disasters and is an alive VHS-like proof that imagination was once fertile in the Porn industry. So fertile that it looks like a freaking drug delirium: Dildo swamp Octopus, sucking dick’s vampire, Planet Apes Porn, killer asshole, wheat box fantasy…


The kind of things that brings us to wonder if Japanese have always been the most disturbed people in Porn?  Also, how did anyone ever produced theses ideas, injected money in it and  how come did they thought they would make a profit after? We have no clue, it’s part of the 70’s and 80’s magic. Fuck yeah!


Click here to have fun!


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