Gifs Of The Week #20

I am quietly recovering from Le Tag’s fourth birthday bash at the Fap Club, sharing my time between gluten-and sugar-rich food, my duvet, and my www. My tumblr favorites clearly slowed down their gif pace – if still online – while 171.gif is about to secure a monopoly of all the animated pictures in the porn tumblr realm, despite a slightly tedious selection. High-quality gifs are good, but stepping out of the close-up doggy/sodomy tour is even better. Then again, maybe I’m just to demanding with the Internet? Plus, the mere fact that they flourish on tumblr doesn’t necessarily mean the public (you) likes them… or do you?

Thus for this week I settled for blowjob, breathtaking breasts, and big butts.


I did like those two fleshy tushes clapping against one another like a huge pair of maracas, with extra gooey. Please note that the panties the left one put on are way too small – unless the girl’s purpose was actually to make it easier for “someone” to spank it. You decide, but I have my personal opinion on this mystery.


All the slinky clothes require fitted lingerie. For all that, no one should be allowed to buy and wear such a horrid cougar granny embroidered-lace-whatever thong. That’s an unforgivable thing (not) to do, even if you are endowed with the cutest butt on earth. Please make sure to comply with this in the future.


One thing that always fascinated me is to watch a car slide in and out of a car wash. Let the automobile penetrate the space-like binnacle, slip between the caressing cleaning rollers, and then slip out again, all wet. And that is, in short, the kind of delirium that went through this guy’s head.


This, on another level, is the kind of project we have been mulling over for months, and that could come true quite soon provided the temperatures rise high enough: the sun warming your man’s duvet, and tanning your milk-pale asses, lazybones’ spoon, ingredients of a romantic summer fucking in the wild or on a spread cover.


How could anyone possibly turn down such a pair of gravity-defying boobs? No one could. An opinion obviously shared by the gentleman with the hypnotized frenzy glance here.

Cover photo : Rocky Coulbourne

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