Gifs Of The Week #18

That was a real lousy week indeed. All the demons of the gif world joined forces to have me go through a heavy dose of hassle. I’d just enjoyed a very nice burger, and thought my gif hunt would be the best way to take up a lengthy digestion. That’s when drama strikes. Misery, emptiness, void, ugly, tacky, despicable, rude and sometimes even frightening. I’m starting to freak a little, when suddenly the impossible happens. I got to the bottom of my dashboard… Nothing, no more posts, no further scrolling allowed. It was THE END OF THE PAGE – a phenomenon just as rare as a solar eclipse. I had to make do with the few tolerable moving images hanging about, and pray for this to never, ever happen again, while holding back my frustration. Believe me, I really struggled to put this selection together, wandering helplessly and randomly from unknown tumblr to unknown tumblr.
So, a little by default this week, here are: sex-toys, a good pair of hardworking boobies, and some acrobats.


Usually, I would say you’d better buy an open pantyhose rather than butchering a regular one with your nail scissors. But considering this one is hot pink, she may well customize and pimp it all she wants, as long as she throws them away afterwards.


The lady brought out the whole arsenal to make sure she gets an orgasm. I’m not a judger, but… I can’t see the point of emptying the dildo stock if you end up finishing yourself off by hand.


Wouldn’t we be all cozy in there? Don’t know about you or me, but the dick seems to enjoy the ride, seeing the sperm cascade that gushes off the breasts, though it remains otherwise invisible, engulfed as it is in this mountain of flesh.


We might be flirting with the credibility limits of porn VS sport here. Let’s be honest, who is supple enough to keep up such a position for more than a minute, and who would be loony enough to fuck with sneakers on?


That’s a position I would like to call “the rocking-chair”, with reference to the smooth and regular swing performed by the boy, who also kindly holds his partner’s legs. That is also what being a gentleman is about.

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