Gabber Band: Normhardcore

Internet, this jollity kingdom of the future to come, offers us daily its dose of randomness. Today, we chose to dig  in the Normcore wave, simply because we are trendy assholes (NxC Baby!). Normal-core or Normcore is this great new thingy thing announced by an NYC based « trend forecasting group » called K-HOLE. In their latest trend report, Youth Mode: A Report On Freedom, they statued:

“… everyone is so special that no one is special… a way of being that prioritizes self-identification over self-differentiation… »

« When the fringes get more and more crowded, Mass Indie turns toward the middle. Having mastered difference, the truly cool attempt to master sameness.”

Big up to K-HOLE! We wish you would have taken more Ketamine to shut the fuck up.


So, this year you will be able to wear your Dad 90’s outfits without shame and, you will spot all around you people dressed like Steve Jobs or potential actors for a Seinfeld casting. Yes, Hipsters finalized their long lasting transformation, to hit the land of no-style. They went so deep in the sub-cultural approach of their urban environment, that they fell in an anti trendy-trend. Indeed, it was a feeling I had a few years ago. I predicted the death of Hipsters once they would be the victim of their own trend-snobbism. I thought that one day they would go against the mess they created to kill it and then, they would vanish in the limbo of normality. I wasn’t that far form the truth… Hipsters are now becoming some pretended working class / lower class heroes back in their suburban fields. Can’t they leave us in peace and find themselves by themselves, without being so annoying? No one gives a crap about some K-HOLE reports that predict the arrival of Sears clothes in American Apparel stores. The good thing is that Hipsters will abandon coffee shops to squat Community centers. Finally, we will have empty bike lanes and we will be able to drink decent coffee without queuing for it.


As all trend, Normcore won’t last. So, if you want to be cool, you need to think ahead. If you still wish to stay in the sameness but being different, you will have to dig further in the Normcore and embrace for instance the scally side of the normality. We called it « Normhardcore »Then, wearing an antic Adidas synthetic trousers, a Lacoste polo and Stan Smith shoes, you will be set to look like a pure chav. Questions:

What Porn will you look at? Gonzo and bad 90’s German Porn. You don’t care.

What music will you listen to? TBD



But, we might have an answer with the tune Gabber Band made by Welde Patrick. You will listen to « early hardcore » music! Lost in some Rotterdam’s warehouse, you gonna have to apply your best Gabber dance move and sweat like a pig at 220bpm. Don’t worry, even a kid can do it. It’s just like an intense fitness session that make you deaf.

[youtuber youtube=’′]

Piss, kiss, spit, tongue, dance, jealousy, fluo colors, fight, insults, attitude, bad girls, freedom, rivalry, blood… Gabber Band is a strange and low-end video object taking place in a deserted parking lot, where five lesbian Gabbers are enjoying life (their way) during a bright and happy Sunday afternoon. Cheap and neat!

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