Jessie Andrews (ft. Comets We Fall) – You Won’t Forget Tonight

In 2014, Porn can be a professional springboard, a job like any other and Jessie Andrews is a perfect example. At the moment, if she’s not Porn-wise very active, it is because she’s focusing on her new main business: music. Regularly, she releases some songs and she posts her » Girlfriend mix  » on her Soundcloud. Her new tune « You Will not Forget Tonight », made in collaboration with producers Comets We Fall and Neil Ormandy, has been released last week with a cool and sensual video music. More and more deep and refined, tinged of typical Californian vibe, but without neglecting a discreet Miami touch (where she is from), Jessie continues her career in between photo shooting for American Apparel and some synthetic rounded bass.

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This year Spring came early. It is hot and quiet in Jessie`s room and she displays to our eyes her soft and reassuring bum. Gosh, it feels so good laying in between her sweet thigh, with the head lost on her little white panties. Basking, everything is cool  and through the window some aircraft streaks are vanishing in the skies. In the distance, you feel the pulse of Los Angeles crawling with desire and you caress the sweetness of life with the palm of your hand. Everything seems soft.

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