Cam Girlz: Documentary

Chaturbate, Cam4, LiveJasmin… So you scrub for Pornish drug and when Party Poker is not around the corner on a pop-up window, you are annoyed by some random ads of  live sex websites. We all have been surprised by some ads with sex noises and dirty talks in our speakers. This shit happens even when you formerly cut the sound on Pornhub videos and left some loud music in the background. It’s always awkward, because listening to Justin Bieder as a fapping original soundtrack is a serious lethal sin. Dawg, check for the « dignity » definition on Google, buy some headphones and install ads-block (it’s doing a terrific job).



Bye bye old fashioned Porn cinemas. Ciao cheap strip clubs with 15$ Budweiser bottle. Au revoir pole dancing with 1$ bills rain and 50$ private hot sessions. Farewell to the smell of the Peep-shows and goodbye empty conversations with random topless waitresses. The reality of the sex shows has been redefined and now for the herd everything happens on a computer. The webcam live show is THE sex seller of the modern era and cam-models are now the new Porn icons. The webcam business is so big that Porn stars are becoming cam models and cam models are becoming Porn Stars. What a wonderful world!


Like any work rotating around the sex planet axis, we are all curious to see how it works from inside. You have some clue about the basics because of your intense Skype sessions with you Mum and your MSexN with your first web-crush. But you are keen to know more. That’s why Sean Dunne is creating a documentary about these new-age sex workers called « Cam Girlz » and he started a Kickstarter to have enough financial support to finish the production fully. Cam Girlz is aim to be an inside view of some cam models whom will share their experience and thought on their internet sex-work. From what we had spot on their video trailer and Twitter, it will feature some amazing well known models like Aella, Sophia Locke, Rae Riley, Steph Brooks and Violet October.

It will be interesting to hear the model’s point of view on sex-cam world, to know how do they handle the different weird situations they are facing or to understand how the emotional connection is created and evolving from the customers to the fans. Also, I’m curious to know how far some of the models pushed the reflexion on their working environment and on their raising fame/social status.


The sex-cam appeal is all about the vanished dichotomy made by internet in between distant and close. Being so close and so far at the same time gives a sensation of comfort and a feeling of control over a  « reality » created by the interactive and emotional exchange in between the models and their customers. The fact that any random girl or boy can become a cam model is creating a kind of accessibility aura around the webcam sex market. Moreover, this accessibility feeling is empowered because of the wide choice we have on the websites. Indeed, there’s somebody for everyone’s taste in the sex-cam game. If r/gonewild  resemble to cocaine, the live sex-cam drug is pure heroin. where getting the next sexcam-fix can dominate your life.

Through its video trailer, Sean Dunne brings a bright, emotional, casual and consensual image of the Cam-girls. Causy and sexy are the selling point of the Kickstarter. But we need to remember the dirt face of the business with recycled prostitution in Thailand or Romania where abused girls are doing live shows in between some street walks. Or the fact that most of the people in the chat-room are disturbed pervs with Tourette’s misogynistic tendencies. It’s not all light and glitters.

Anyway, we hope this project will be ended soon and we can’t wait to see it. Good luck to Sean!


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