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At Le Tag Parfait, we always have ideas to make a great and tasty parties. Like baguette and wine, it’s in our fucking french blood, we know what’s good for you.


So it’s party time at your place, all your friends are here and they are drunk or possibly under drugs effect. You can spot the pinnacle of the night but you live in the fear of what’s next. What the fuck will you do after the end of this improbable Songza playlist.

Suddenly, you have a reality flash and you realize that your friends are in random mode: Erik has no more cock and bull stories on it’s life. Jack, flirting with Daniel, puked like a vomit machine on your 2000$ handcrafted Persian carpet. Katie (your ex) started crying because you didn’t remember she hates Martinis and you proposed her a red one three times in a row (you such a morron, you won’t fuck her tonight). You scratched your fake Rolex, there’s no more weed in the special basket and it remains only dust in the Colombian marching powder zip-lock. No luck, no fuck: you didn’t find anyone on Blendr that love Bob Marley and Red Bull at the same time. Plus, Christine is locked in the toilets because your Mum’s meatloaf was a taste disaster. Gosh you hate your friends!


You are nineteen, you are somehow handsome (in your dreams) but you are close to one of your biggest nervous breakdown. You don’t want to be the party pooper. Some people call it « the hard knock life« . Behave my friend, we call it bullish. Don’t abandon the ship, calm down and remember that Internet will save your night. Show to one of your friend PornMD Live Search stream. In a minute, hilarity will be back on the track. Everyone will come around you and focus on your Ipad screen: you are a winner.

Self-esteem +1

Self-esteem +1

What’s the PornMD live search secret? A simple timeline showing in real time what people are searching on the Pornhub network. No pictures, only words are displayed and you have the choice in between three categories: Straight, Gay, Tranny.

This is the state of the art in Porn reality. In one glance, you can see the world’s infinite perversity and you can check your friends reactions on some keyword. You might be able to sense what is their dirty little secret. You can pause the scrolling and go up and down in the list. For the adventurous people, if you like one of the tag, you can click on it and see the results. Enjoy fellas!

Aroused by

Aroused by « Council Estate » or « Carrot »?

Within the PornMD live search endless scrolling, we go from cute/simple tag to some fucking disturbing addition of words. This is the beauty of human diversity:

Homosexual Dog

Trans vore

Audrey bitoni donut

Porno mason

Brutal whipping

Granny ride

Extremely desperate public fuck


Dad and chubby son

Cat licking girls pussy

Hijab bath

Sister help me

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