Sex Competition: Asa Akira Vs Kastuni

We know it’s Valentine’s Day and we know most of you are busy with some last minute gifts shopping. Romantic flowers, cheap chocolate, sensual body-oil and pink strap-on, you are ready to rock this Valentine. Plus, we can note that the hand written stylish sonnet you wrote earlier for your lover will be a hit (4th base!?). Most likely, you didn’t find the rimes by yourself and you googled it. First of all, Google is an imagination’s scourge and you know that copying is cheating! You could show a little bit of creativity and initiative for once. It’s a special day for fuck sake! Nevermind, we are not here to judge your romantic douche behavior.

In fact, while you do your Valentine’s duty, at Le Tag Parfait we are scrubbing the web to give you what we think could be a stunning « pornovisual » content for a solo session. Why today? Because we believe there’s no specific day for a good old fap. Valentine’s, X-mas, Super Bowl… Whatever, I do what I want!


Hands and Porn – The Kooples

I did choose Asa Akira because, as you can see, she’s a cute hopeless romantic:

Also, she’s a solid value, she’s freaking hot and it’s always a pleasure to fap at her content.  Asa Akira is a sexual beast, she puts heart at it and she is an avid, insatiable, restless performer.

Would you be my Valentine?

Would you be my Valentine?

I like to compare the skills set of Porn stars in between them. It’s cool to see how some girls are better or comfier in some sexual practices than others. For instance, to me, the anal performances of Asa Akira are at the top. You can sense she enjoys this practice and it transpires in her butt-scenes. So when I fall on a video title including « Asa Akira + Katsuni + Sex Competition » with an #Anal tag, I knew we had a possible Olympic gold medal at fingertip.

Would you be my Valentine?

A 100% Asian round where Asa will battle with the French naughty and sassy Katsuni: YUMMY! Indeed, it’s a competition for everyone because the videos last a little bit more than two hours. For you it’s a selfish long fapping marathon and we hope you have no carpal tunnel syndrome. But for Asa Akira and Katsuni it’s a series of five separate tests to judge their abilities on : Solo / Hand Job / Blow Job / Girl on Girl / Boy on Girl. The two videos are pretty intense, it’s a tight competition and both of the girls show tremendous skills.

No, I won’t tell you who win at the end (no spoiler allowed, watch it all!), but as Pierre de Coubertin said:

“The most important thing in the Olympic Game is not winning but taking part… »

Oh, so nice! Thank you and fuck you Pierre! We don’t even participated to this sex-competition.

Video courtesy of Pornhub:


Asa Akira vs Katsuni Part 1 of 2 – Sex Competition brought to you by PornHub

Asa Akira vs Katsuni Part 2 of 2 – Sex Competition brought to you by PornHub

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Best Comment: Been watching porn since I was 15. As far as I know it wasn’t exactly legal anywhere in the US at that time. Since that time, have seen a lot of cocks sucked, both private and public. For many years I thought Linda Lovelace was the best around, for obvious reasons. Then years later it was a woman I met in college(anyone thinks they know me, its not who you might think) but now along comes Katsuni. Asa you are great, but not in Katsuni’s league. KATSUNI, BRAVO!

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