Twerk Wars: Glossy Vs Grunge

Le Tag Parfait comes back with one of its favorite subjects: TWERK. We enjoy booty shaking, we love hypno-moving fannies, we worship the slow-motion’s mess on a wobbly ass, and we adore the big derrieres. Yes we do!

In a world where you can find many different Twerking’s flavor and in between a layer of failed attempt a la Miley Cyrus (Did she ruined withe people’s Twerk?) or a hyper-boosted krumping spice like in « Rize« , we try to go ahead and seek for some fresh asses to feed our butt addiction. Lately, the big question that came to our minds was: Do we like all Twerks? This doubt was caused by the arrival of two videos in our news feed. Two schools of Twerk, fighting in a confused virtual match we called: Glossy Vs Grunge.


We know you like her!

On the first  hand, we have the Glossy Twerk. A classic WorldStarHipHop’s style represented by the lovely, curvalicious and juicy Paris Richards. All cliches are here: smooth skin, sulky faces, bikinis, phat asses, massive boobs, body oils and a slow-motion aesthetic tinted with a blurred dreamy fantasy. It’s a great value we take comfort in and we have not much to say about it indeed. Shake it gurl, BAM BAM!

On the other hand, we have the Grunge Twerk. Raw and dirty, this aims to be some “true Twerk”. No mess, no fuss and no Nirvana songs are involved here. Fuck the cliches and screw the hype-hop trendy consensus, we plunge directly into a world where Twerking matters more than any fake rich decor or the polished aesthetic. In the Dai Wen’s video, we are back to the roots with a local girl from the hood, who knows her Twerk business. Grunge Twerk is minimalist, rough and executed without concession. Indeed, it is possibly the closest visual experience you can find compared to what you could have in your neighborhood’s grimy and sweaty strip club. This is the real shit!

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No one wins at Twerk Wars and I guess the few people reading this article to this very last sentence really love booty shaking (it’s all that matters).

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